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Vinarius winemakers in 2022: sales down because of the hot summer, but hope is for end of the year sales

Over the summer months, according to 43% of merchants, business fell, while uncertainty wins Christmas is approaching, but there will be a boom in white wines

The survey on sales trends and consumption trends over the last three years, conducted on professionals in the sector by Vinarius, the association of Italian wine shops, revealed that wine purchases were down over the summer, mainly because of the heat that dominated Italian cities. And, now there is reasonable fear for year-end sales, which is a fundamental moment for the sector, but falls in the midst of one of the worst ever economic storms. The optimism of the wine merchants, however, has not been weakened. The survey revealed that the anomalous and prolonged heat waves that characterized the summer definitely had a negative impact on sales of alcoholic products, in favor of soft drinks. This, therefore, is the main reason for the continuously fluctuating trend in summer sales volumes. According to 43% of wine merchants, there was a drop in sales, hovering between 20% and 40%, compared to the summer of 2021. Twenty-seven percent of merchants, on the other hand, did not notice significant differences, while 30% registered +10 to +30% increase in sales.
The winemakers’ opinions concerning forecasts of sales volumes in the winter season and especially during the Christmas period, were also very conflicting, and the resulting sentiment is of general uncertainty. According to 50% of the participants, there will be no significant changes in sales compared to 2021, while 32%, however, believe there will be improvements, and 18% fear that sales will drop,
especially because of the economic crisis, which will certainly influence the buying habits of Italians’ choices during the holidays. In spite of the economic uncertainty related to sales volumes, which differ greatly from one store to another, it is possible to trace consumer trends and orientations. For instance, exploring and analyzing preferences over the last three years, they appear well defined in relation to the future. And, also formulating forecasts on which wines will be the most popular in winter and during the end of the year holiday season, which is when consumption of red wines is constantly growing, and where Barolo, Brunello di Montalcino, Primitivo di Manduria and Amarone della Valpolicella stand out.
The demand for sparkling wines is constantly increasing and has grown + 30%. Consumers’ choices of the different types of sparkling wines, have put Champagne in first place, followed by Franciacorta, Trentodoc and Alta Langa. Sales of other Classic Methods, from small local wineries, on shelves in wine shops offering products from their local areas have been significant as well. The sales trends of dessert wines over the last three years have not registered any significant changes in sales volumes, and the trend is expected to remain constant this year as well. Some of the most popular ones are Moscato d'Asti, Passito di Pantelleria and Zibibbo. Different types of dessert wines have performed the same as sparkling wines, and also have a more or less notable impact, depending on the territory. As a matter of fact, many wine shops prefer to leave adequate space for local and regional products.
Finally, the still white wines section is definitely growing and 51.5% of the interviewees have confirmed that they expect +10% to +20% increase in sales. Among the most requested white wines are Chardonnay or wines with Chardonnay-based blends, and in second place, Gewürztraminer. The total sales volumes of these two wines together, equals 35%. The remaining 65% is then distributed among the most diverse wines made from local whites and aromatic seeds. It therefore appears quite evident that, once again and more so for still white wines, territoriality is an exceptionally strong growing trend. The survey is part of the constant research activity Vinarius has conducted over the past few years, and confirms the importance for the Association to understand and analyze market dynamics. The survey was conducted through analyzing the responses of winemakers — who, in the wine world, definitely have the pulse of the market, are sensitive to changes and also have direct contact and dialogue with the public. “Wine shops”, Andrea Terraneo, president of Vinarius, commented, “without a doubt retain a privileged point of view on the wine market. Their specific qualities also include observing and anticipating the behavioral patterns and choices of the final consumer, which is the merit of direct dialogue. This is the reason that the contribution of winemakers is valuable and fundamental. Our hope is that the data Vinarius has collected will become more and more a reliable and respected point of reference for the sector”.

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