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Vinitaly “road show”, a 50,000 km world tour to promote Italian wine

From 19 January to 23 February 2023, tour in partnership with ICE, institutions and chambers of commerce, in 9 strategic countries
Federico Bricolo and Maurizio Danese, president and ad VeronaFiere

The promotion of Italian wine restarts with Vinitaly, with an unprecedented “road show” that will visit 9 countries (and 12 cities worldwide, with 13 stops across 3 continents, starting on January 19 and running through February 23, 2023: Europe, Asia, and North America) which together represent two-thirds of Italy’s total wine exports which, according to all forecasts, at the end of 2022, will have exceeded the record of 8 billion euros in value, as Istat data, analyzed by WineNews, also seem to confirm on the first 10 months 2022, with shipments reaching 6.52 billion euros, up by 11.2% over the same period of 2021 (at almost stable volumes, ed). A long sprint to then launch Vinitaly n. 55, which will be staged in Verona from 2 to 5 April 2023. The first stage will take place on 19 January in Rust (Austria), followed by Princeton (USA) on 23 January, New York (USA) on 24 and 25 January, and Copenhagen (Denmark) always on January 24; in February, the calendar includes appointments in Chicago (USA, 2 February), Munich (Germany, 6 February), Brussels (Belgium, 7 February), Zurich (Switzerland, 8 February), London (UK, 8 February) and Cardiff (UK, 9 February). February 2023 then closes with the appointments in Tokyo (Japan, February 21) and Seoul (South Korea, February 23), in collaboration with the institutions, Ice-Agency, and the chamber system.
“It is teamwork involving the institutions, ICE and the chamber system, the foreign representation network and the internal structure – emphasizes the president of Veronafiere, Federico Bricolo. This is a task in line with the corporate mission that prioritizes the promotion of Italian labels at a time when the industry is dealing with the effects of rising production costs. The roadshow is also an opportunity to explore new opportunities for a stable presence of the Fiera di Verona in some markets of interest, as already underway with the Wine To Asia and Vinitaly China Road Show for China and the wider area of the Far East, and with Wine South America for Brazil and the South American continent”.
“It is a promotional initiative without precedent in the history of Vinitaly - highlights the CEO of Veronafiere, Maurizio Danese – which adds to and implements the significant investment of over 3 million euros for the incoming buyers and operators in anticipation of the next fair, scheduled for Verona from 2 to 5 April. A total of 50,000 kilometers of travel in the direction of the target countries which together with the perspective of the target countries, account for a significant portion of the present and the commercial future of Italian wine in the world”.
In many appointments, a training course is also scheduled, curated by the Vinitaly International Academy, created by Veronafiere-Vinitaly, with the aim of educating consumers, industry professionals, and the general public about the distinction and diversity of the Italian wine heritage.
Vinitaly No. 55 combines an internal tour of the major Italian wine companies with the incoming international project. According to a note from VeronaFiere, Vinitaly No. 55 promises to be even more strategic on the business front, in particular with innovations linked to direct business-to-business companies/buyers, but also with an enhanced “Taste & Buy”, with operators identified by the international network of delegates of the fair in collaboration with companies. There is also space for the digital format, with the “Vinitaly Plus”, platform for consolidating commercial relationships throughout the year, which allows the creation of an agenda for meetings at Vinitaly 2023 between buyers and producers.

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