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Winc, the wine democratization project, launches the first crowd-funding online

A modern, digital winery, founded in 2011, which produces 664 different wines in 12 countries worldwide, and which is based on feedback from consumers
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Winc platform launches the first public crowd-funding online

Although a lot has changed in the last few years, the world of wine is still considered a niche world, speaking to few experts and especially in countries like the USA or South America where, unlike Italy or France, it is not an integral part of culture. Just with the intent of making wine more accessible, and almost more democratic we would say, overseas was born Winc, a real social winery, in the most extreme sense of the term: the whole structure of the company, born as one of the many wine distribution platforms, and then became a real producer in the first person, is based on the customer, and on his feedback in real time. Through the principle of “digital first”, Winc makes its more than 500,000 customers around the world participate in the whole journey of grapes, from the vineyard to the bottle, and not only: those who subscribe to the platform, in addition to receiving a number of bottles of wine monthly according to the type of subscription subscribed, participate in the decisions to be taken in a normal winery, becoming actually winemaker before consumer. And the democratic formula of wine seems to work: since 2011, the year of its foundation, Winc has produced 664 different wines, from 97 wine regions in 12 countries around the world, earning over 195 million dollars, and counting on more than 3 million feedback. And now, Winc has decided to take this democratic model to the next level, which consists of a collection of online offers, a real public crowd-funding, in which more than $2 million of investments have already been raised, through, again, different types of subscriptions: with a minimum of $1,000, up to 3.000 dollars, you receive 6 bottles of the main and most popular brands, a 10% discount on an order, 20 dollars of additional gift cards, the possibility to name the labels of the main brands, and priority access to events and tastings; with investments between 1,500 and 2,999 dollars you get, in addition, credits for 150 dollars to use on Winc, and with figures between 3,000 and 9,999 dollars you get 400 dollars. A different story when you exceed the $10,000 threshold: for investments up to $24,999 you get a $1,800 gift card, as well as 12 bottles of the most prestigious brands, and 6 exclusive magnums of cru produced under the direct guidance of the director of production, Ryan Zotovich, to which is added, for those who invest up to $99,999, the opportunity to attend the annual meeting of the founders and the executive team. Up to investments of $100,000 and upwards: in this case, you also have access to wine experiences in various wineries in Santa Barbara.

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