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Wine tourism, at the next level: Reims gives tourists 3,000 bottles of Champagne

From January to May 2020, Champagne sales are down 32%: the French city launches the initiative that sees wine as a real tourist “attractor”
Reims gives 3,000 bottles of Champagne to those who visit the Region

That the wine and traditional cuisine of a place are now not only an “accessory”, but a real engine of tourism, with more and more wine lovers and enthusiasts in the world who choose their holiday destination according to the food and wine offer, including tours through the vineyards, tastings and restaurants not to be missed. But the economic crisis caused by the Coronavirus pandemic has also put this world in difficulty, involving even the most popular and prestigious tourist regions, such as the French Champagne region: The Comité Champagne stated that, in the period January-May 2020, sales fell by 32% (compared to the same period in 2019). And so, the City of Reims, one of the capitals of the area, has made a virtue out of necessity, taking wine as a tourist attraction to a higher level: since 15 July 2020, the Tourist Office of the city of Reims has been giving 3,000 bottles of Champagne to holidaymakers staying in the region. Obviously, to receive the coveted “prize”, rules must be followed: tourists must spend at least two consecutive nights in the city of Reims, or the surrounding area, and stay in a hotel or guesthouse (Airbnb users are not eligible); during the trip, visitors must eat in a local restaurant and order at least one dish and drink (no fast food); and, finally, to qualify, tourists must prove that they have paid for a leisure activity, such as renting a kayak, a visit to the cellar, a bicycle rental or a ticket to the cinema. The unique initiative was attended by 68 different producers, collecting a total of 3,000 bottles to donate for regional tourism, with a value of 50,000 euros.

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