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WineNews Rumors: a two-hectare vineyard in Castel Gandolfo, the first in the Vatican City

The link between wine and Christianity is a symbolic circle that the project coordinated by Riccardo Catella is closing

In Christian culture and tradition, wine has an unequivocally central role. It is inseparably linked to the life of Jesus Christ, which continues on through the stories told in the Old Testament. Israel is, indeed, a land of vineyards and wine, where vines, vineyards and wine are an expression of abundance and prosperity. When, for example, the tribes of Israel settled on newly conquered lands, one of the first things they did was to plant vines, a plant that takes years before it becomes productive, symbolizing their determination to settle. The image of the vine, in the Old Testament, is also used by God to communicate how lovingly he takes care of his People. The first sign of Jesus Christ narrated in the Gospel of John is linked to the Wedding at Cana, in which Jesus reveals his presence to the people, by transforming water into wine, into even excellent wine, better than what the people at the wedding had been drinking up to that moment. Further, in Catholicism, wine, together with bread, becomes the very symbol of the presence of Christ. These are the reasons why what will be happening in the coming months at Castel Gandolfo, in the heart of the Vatican City, is closing the circle. According to rumors WineNews has heard, the vine cuttings will be planted in spring, and after a few years they will give life to two hectares of vineyards. The varieties are not known as yet, but we do know who is leading the project: Riccardo Catella, president of the Association of Italian Enologists and of the Union International des Oenologues. The wine produced, the first in the Vatican City, will most likely not go on the market. Instead, it will have the blessing of Pope Francis, whom we imagine is aware of the project, and it will be a symbolic wine, for internal consumption, as gifts and sharing. In other words, it will be restored to its original and highest role, as the only “drink” that can bring man closer to God, precisely in the place where God’s presence is most tangible.

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