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Aglianico in Avellino, “a systemic response is needed for the 130 winemakers left without orders”

Stefano Di Marzo (Cia - Agricoltori Italiani): “for many, viticulture is the prevailing income. But businesses do not make choices so lightheartedly”
Cia-Agricoltori Italiani at the forefront of the “Aglianico crisis” in Irpinia

In Irpinia, a historical land of great wines, in early August, 130 winegrowers supplying Aglianico grapes from the area of Paternopoli, Paternopoli, Montemarano and Castelfranci, in the province of Avellino, suddenly found themselves with their orders canceled by a large company, but not only that, remaining, as of today, with 25. 000 quintals of grapes to be harvested (the harvest of the variety in the territory will not begin for a month, ed.) but without a market, and therefore without income, which, in many cases, is the prevailing income.
An affair that, as we already reported yesterday, tells of how even in the wine world there are critical issues that are not easy to address. And that require systemic solutions, as explained, to WineNews, Stefano Di Marzo, head of the Cia - Agricoltori Italiani of Avellino, after today’ press conference, where the problem was raised.
“We have asked for the attention of the Prefect, who, with his third party status, can set up a crisis table and invite the most important companies in the area, and also cooperatives, not only from Irpinia, to sit down. The urgency is to guarantee to these winegrowers, to these families, for whom growing grapes is the predominant source of income, that Aglianico is sold and at prices in line at least with those of 2021, that is, on 100 euros per quintal. Also so that grape prices do not collapse. But then we need a systemic response”.
Because, Di Marzo explains, “one cannot blame the company, or companies, that have canceled orders. If an entrepreneur makes such a choice, he does not do so lightly, there are reasons, difficulties that must be understood. But good thing the winegrowers, whom we represent, have done to put up a united front and raise the issue. In our territory, in general, white wines, such as Fiano and Falanghina, have a market, while reds, such as Aglianico and Taurasi, suffer. This is why we will go ahead asking also for the intervention of politics and the Campania Region, so that it supports the supply chain with an institutional communication campaign, also abroad, to stimulate consumers and the market. We expect answers from the prefect, who has said he is available, as early as the next few days. But an overall vision is needed, and for this we will also involve the other winegrowers’ representatives”.

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