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Alta Langa is increasing hectares and production, spurred by +67% sales in 2022

The success of “Alte Bollicine Piemontesi”, the first Classic Method in Italy, is in a continuous crescendo of quality, numbers and passion

Over the past few years, the continuous crescendo of quality, numbers and passion has marked the success of Alta Langa DOCG In the early 1990s, the first seven pioneering producers - Cinzano, Contract, Fontanafredda, Gancia, Martini & Rossi, Riccadonna and Banfi, ed. - made a bet that they subsequently won when they joined forces with local winemakers to create a Classic Method, the first in history produced in Italy, to represent the enological pride of Piedmont. The “gentlemen’s handshake bet” is now bearing fruit, following years of experiments and having been awarded the DOC in 2002 and the DOCG in 2011 (retroactive to the 2008 vintage). Today, there are 378 hectares of vineyards in the area that counts 149 Municipalities situated among Asti, Alessandria and Cuneo, and another 220 hectares will be added in the next few years. There are more than 60 sparkling wine houses, members of the Alta Langa Consortium that produced 3 million bottles in the 2022 harvest, which will increase proportionately, driven by a whopping +67% increase in sales in 2022 compared to 2021. Plus, 10% export share, which will certainly keep growing, while the remainder goes to the Italian market, and both are riding the wave of the great passion for Italian bubbles. Alta Langa is also continuing to bond with the excellent products the area produces, starting with the White Truffle of Alba, the Piedmont designed “Terra” glass, designed by Italdesign which was the result of the long time collaboration that began with Master Giorgetto Giugiaro. And, of course, Piedmont’s important cultural heritage, including the “Underground Cathedrals” in Canelli, now a Unesco World Heritage Site together with the Langhe, Roero and Monferrato, where the wine is produced.
The historical sparkling wine of Piedmont, Alta Langa DOCG, holds a highly important legacy. It is the first Classic Method produced in Italy created in the mid-nineteenth century, made from the French Pinot Noir and Chardonnay vines, alone or also together in varying percentages, and long aging on the lees - at least 30 months, exclusively vintage, meaning it is the result of a single harvest, which weighs positively on the wine. It is based on the Champagne model and the Champenoise method, which was “exported” by the Gancia Brothers in the early twentieth century, who thereby paved the way for many other producers in the territory.
The success of the “Alte Bollicine Piemontesi” was celebrated in a “Royal” edition of “La Prima dell’Alta Langa” 2023, held recently at the meeting in the extraordinary Reggia di Venaria in Venaria Reale, Turin, yet another Unesco “gem” in Italy. The 5th edition of “Previews” counted 60 wine producers, tastings of more than 140 different cuvées, from the most recent vintage among those on the market, 2019, to the older ones like 2006, for an audience made up mainly of HORECA (hotels, restaurants, catering) professionals (90%) and journalists (10%), totaling 2.000 accredited participants at the event, which was sold out several days before and had a long waiting list, too. The event registered “tangible enthusiasm linked to the Alta Piemonte bubbles”, the president of the Consorzio Alta Langa, Mariacristina Castelletta, commented, “as their wines and their passion have made guests fall in love with our Denomination, while the audience experienced the very high profile of the Alta Langa DOCG in a location like the Galleria Grande della Reggia di Venaria, where the Piedmont excellence was spotlighted to perfection”. The scheduled Master classes were led by the Sommelier Davide Buongiorno, who emphasized the fact that the Classic Method Piedmont sparkling wines are long aging, making it possible to fully discover the denomination as well as the longevity and the pleasantness of Alta Langa.
The first Italian Classic Method is a legacy that is found in Fratelli Gancia’s Alta Langa Cuvée 120 Months Riserva Brut 2006, in Alta Langa Cuvée Aurora 100 Months Riserva Zero 2012 by Banfi, in Alta Langa Ispiro Riserva Brut 2018 by Bosca, in Alta Langa Pas Dosé 2011 by Giulio Cocchi, in Alta Langa For England Blanc de Noirs Zero 2018 and For England Rosé Zero 2018 by Giuseppe Contratto, and in t Alta Langa Limited Edition Brut 2019, Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut 2019 and Contessa Rosa 60 Months Riserva Brut 2017 by Fontanafredda. And, it’s quality is carried forward in wines such as Alta Langa San Bartomè Extra Brut 2019 by Anna Maria Abbona, and Alta Langa Rosé brut 2018 by Brandini, Alta Langa Brut 2017 by Bera, in Alta Langa Luigi Coppo Brut 2019 and Riserva Coppo Extra Brut 2017 Coppo, in Alta Langa Blanc de Blanc Riserva Zero 2016 by Ettore Germano, in Alta Langa Millesimo2Mila19 Extra Brut 2019 and in Marcalberto’s BlancDeBlancs Zero 2019, as well as in Alta Langa Psea zero 2016 by Pecchenino, Alta Langa Airali Brut 2018 by Tenuta Carretta, Alta Langa VinumVitaEst Brut 2019 by Terre di Barolo, Alta Langa Brut 2019 by Sara Vezza, Alta Langa Blanc de Noir Brut 2019 by Casa E. di Mirafiore, and Alta Langa Cinquecento Brut 2018 by Vite Colte. Further, it is found in the aging capacity of Enrico Serafino’s Alta Langa Zero 140 2009 and in the long aging 1820’s Alta Langa Riserva Giulio I - 100 Months Extra Brut 2012 by Tosti.
Looking towards the future, the Consortium has initiated several projects, like the “Alta Langa DOCG: soul of a territory” project, which will involve several of the top sommeliers in Turin, Milan and Genoa. These cities will be the first three stages of a journey where the story of Alta Langa and its vocation for “food wine”, paired to chefs’ specialties in the historic trattorias of the Langa highlands. Seated around a table, in a convivial atmosphere of dialogue and discussions, the guides of these events will lead the guests in discovering the Alta Piemonte Bubbles together with the authentic flavors of the Alta Langa territory. They will also meet some of the most famous hosts of the spirit of this territory, alongside the Consortium, Chefs Piermassimo Cirio (Trattoria Madonna della Neve, Cessole), Gemma Boeri (Osteria da Gemma di Roddino) and Vilma Forneris (La Vecchia Osteria di Castellino Tanaro). “In view of the growth of the Denomination, the Consortium will continue assuming responsibility towards the territory of origin, while at the same time adopting wider-ranging actions letting the authenticity and beauty of the Alta Langa be known through its culinary key, by engaging the historic taverns of the highlands in this journey”, Paolo Rossino, Director of the Alta Langa Consortium, explained.
There was also a sustainability factor included in the choice of these culinary destinations. The Consortium’s intentions are to share with enthusiasts, in the Savoy area atmosphere like a terrace where you can breathe in the sea air, the sense of well-being, pleasure and contentment that the best Italian bubbles offer.

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