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Altagamma: top wines market

The global wine market is worth 239 billion euros, while an important share equal to 10%, for 24 billion euros in value, is at the high end
The fine wine market is worth 24 billion euros according to Altagamma study

The global wine market, as a whole, is worth 239 billion euros at consumer prices, while an important share equal to 10%, for 24 billion euros in value, is at the high end; that is, the top wines, which in Italy is worth 1.4 billion euros. These are the results of the Altagamma Top Wines Study, the first in-depth study on world consumption and on the growth dynamics of high-end wines, carried out by Altagamma. Its analysis focuses on the relationship between wine and high end catering, that is, on those 2.700 Michelin starred restaurants around the world where, in 54% of the cases, a bottle of wine costs more than 100 euros. These are the places where wine plays a predominant role, especially in terms of turnover. 70% of restaurateurs are expecting significant growth over the next 2-3 years, and a third is linked to wine sales, driven, in 50% of the cases, by bottles costing more than 100 euros. At the tables of starred restaurants, however, France is still perceived as the country of wine quality, while 33% of restaurant owners indicate Italy. The strength of Italian wine, instead, is its versatility, a distinctive attribute of Italian wine and leverage for focusing on marketing and communication.

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