Allegrini 2018

Among Masi’s rows the grape harvest as a cathartic experience and reconnection to the earth

Enthusiasts, investors and members of the Masi Investor Club put on their gloves, take off their scissors and fill the crates of the Amarone brand

The rituality of the grape harvest, in a world that is far from the rhythms of agriculture but has a great desire to reconnect to the land and its traditions, also, or perhaps above all, conquers those who rarely see the rows of vines, mostly in photos or on vacation. Yearning, who knows, to be able to live them for once, instead of just observing them or walking along them. Leave aside the jacket, tie and laptop, put the gloves on, pull out the scissors and start picking the grapes, now ripe, moving to the rhythm of the earth, and in its full respect, is the secret dream of many. This is the cathartic and at the same time profoundly practical experience that the Masi Valpolicella and Amarone brand has decided to give to enthusiasts, connoisseurs and members of the Masi Investor Club, to give its shareholders an experiential dimension of their investment. Professionals from the stock exchange and small investors, on September 19th at Masi Tenuta Canova, in Lazise del Garda, will wear work shoes and with gloves and scissors they will pick the precious bunches of the maison, under the careful supervision of Masi’s technicians, and learn from the very first moment what is the path that turns grapes into wine and wine into a business.
After a welcome drink, everyone in the vineyard with Masi’s technical group to harvest, to learn how to distinguish the varieties and select the most suitable bunches for drying, the ancient technique, for which Masi is known throughout the world, from which Amarone is born. Once the scissors are put away and the boots are removed, it’s time to get back to the table with a tasting dinner where Masi’s iconic wines such as Moxxé, Campofiorin and Costasera will be paired with a menu that will also feature wine on the plate. This will be preceded by a visit to the Masi Wine Discovery Museum and the spacious aging cellars, where the wine rests before ending up on the shelves of wine shops and restaurant menus.

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