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Assoenologi “Targa d'Oro” to WineNews, in “recognition of professionalism and competence”

The award ceremony held at the Conference in Trieste (July 5-8). Over the years the prize has been given to prominent names like Soldati, Veronelli ..
Assoenologi “Targa d'Oro” to WineNews, in “recognition of professionalism and competence”

“In recognition of the professionalism and competence demonstrated through years of intense work in the information world in general and the wine sector in particular, which communicates every day, on different levels, news from Italy and around the world, at the service of the entire sector”. This is WineNews according to Assoenologi, the winemaker’s association led by Riccardo Cotarella, which at the National Conference in Trieste yesterday evening gave the “Targa d’Oro” to the entire staff of WineNews. It is one of the most important awards in the Italian wine world which in the past has been given to illustrious names in culture, journalism and wine communication, such as Luigi Veronelli and Mario Soldati, as well as, more recently, to writers such as Daniele Cernilli, the historical pen of Gambero Rosso, now with his “Doctor Wine”, Luciano Ferraro (“Corriere della Sera”) and Anna Scafuri (Tg1). “The recognition is for the team, because it is the team that won”, said the director Alessandro Regoli, who, together with Irene Chiari, founded WineNews in 1999, in a pioneering vision, at the time the only one online, while today it has 40.000 unique visitors per day, in a completely new and “revolutionized” web platform.
On stage, together with the foundeers, were also Federico Pizzinelli, Emma Lucherini, Piermichele Capulli, Franco Pallini, Nicole Schubert and Clara Bruno, “the fundamental structure of the editorial staff, which also counts many important collaborators in different areas of Italy”, said Alessandro Regoli.
“When WineNews tells about a rumor, sooner or later that rumor comes true”, said the president of Assoenologi, Riccardo Cotarella.

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