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Between archaeology and viticulture, the harvest returns among the rows of the ruins of Pompeii

Since 1994, to relaunch the cultivation of the vine, first in the Foro Boario, now in 15 different areas, the Campanian wine label Mastroberardino

Italy is a real open-air museum, where among the remains dating back to ancient Rome of that heritage that are the excavations of Pompeii, the harvest returns among the rows of the vineyard of the Foro Boario, recovered and cared for, since 1994, by the brand of the Campanian wine Mastroberardino, in a botanical project applied to archaeology conducted by the Laboratory of Applied Research of the Archaeological Park of Pompeii, which in recent years has taken care of the preliminary research, planting and cultivation of vineyards in ancient Pompeii, from which the Villa of Mysteries was born. The project, which initially concerned a limited area of excavations, now covers 15 vineyard areas, all located in the regions I and II of ancient Pompeii (including Foro Boario, Domus della Nave Europa, Caupona del Gladiatore, Caupona di Eusino, Orto dei Fuggiaschi) for a total extension of about one and a half hectares, and for a potential production of about 40 quintals per hectare, which in the glass become, as mentioned, the Villa of the Mysteries, since 2011 a blend of Aglianico, Piedirosso and Sciascinoso, which is a way to tell and make known Pompeii with its culture and its ancient tradition, also as a place of enhancement and defense of the territory, the landscape and the environment.

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