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Brunello 2015, at the top of Kerin O’Keefe (Wine Enthusiast) the 100 points of Il Marroneto

A good vintage on which the Madonna delle Grazie 2015 stands out. In all, there are 18 wines above 95/100 for the American critics
Alessandro Mori from Il Marroneto with Brunello di Montalcino Madonna delle Grazie 2015

A 100-point Brunello: this is the Madonna delle Grazie 2015 of Il Marroneto, which, after reaching the almost elusive 100/100 of Robert Parker (the creator of “Wine Advocate” and one of the most influential critics in the world, with the 2010 vintage), won the top of the ratings of another great wine critic, Kerin O’Keefe, Italian editor of “Wine Enthusiast” who defined it as “full of finesse, vibrant, impeccably balanced and one of the few of the vintage with serious aging potential”. For Alessandro Mori, at the helm of the Brunello label, it is obviously a satisfaction, after all “you never get tired of the 100 points, especially because they are confirmation of the goodness of a work and a vision that have never bent to the will of others, I waited for others to understand my wine”. A “robust” and consistent wine, which has never adapted to the demands of the markets, but only to “respect for the terroir, in the entirety of its concept, which includes the land, the grapes and the work of man, always keeping in mind what one of my two masters said - he told WineNews -, the enologist Mario Cortevesio (the other is Giulio Gambelli, ed.): perfection exists only in nature”.
On the whole, Kerin O’Keefe frames the latest vintage - good but not historical, overall warm and dry - in its differences and quality peaks, well told by the 18 wines that scored 95 points or more - absolute excellence - and by the 119 - more than half of those reviewed - with a score of over 90 points. In the top 10 of the Italian editor of Wine Enthusiast, moreover, there are the Brunello di Montalcino 2015 Ciacci Piccolomini d’Aragona Pianrosso (98 points), Conti Costanti (98 points), Fuligni (98 points), Le Chiuse (98 points), Le Potazzine (97 points), Armilla (96 points), Castelgiocondo (96 points), Le Ragnaie Casanovina Montosoli (96 points) and Talenti (96 points). Waiting for 2021, with the 2016 vintage, still in the barrel, which promises - according to the previews not only of the international critics of “Wine Enthusiast”, but also according to the expectations of the producers themselves - to be truly exceptional ...

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