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“Chianti Classico a Colpo d’Occhio”: goodness in the glass paired with the beauty of the landscape

Alessandro Masnaghetti and the Black Rooster Consortium project: 3D and online maps to immerse yourself in the territory where each wine is created
“Chianti Classico a Colpo d’Occhio”

Tasting a glass of Chianti Classico, and being immersed, through images and 3D maps, not only in the vineyard where that wine is produced, but also in its landscape where the grapes are grown. And then pairing the goodness in the glass with the many different nuances that Gallo Nero wine knows how to narrate of the beauty of its hills, valleys and “villages”, which is one of the most beautiful and loved landscapes in the world. Thus, the Chianti Classico Consortium, in collaboration with Alessandro Masnaghetti, “The” cartographer of wine, created the “Chianti Classico a Colpo d’Occhio”(at a glance) project. The collaboration started more than ten years ago, first with the municipal maps of the vineyards published in the I Cru di Enogea series. Then, the map of the entire denomination, and finally the embossed version of the map, which today can be found in many wine bars and restaurants around the world, and in wineries of the numerous Black Rooster fans.
The project, from paper to digital, was presented yesterday in Milan, and has now been enhanced with a new piece whose strong point is images. There are 360° real views allowing all fans to navigate the territory of the denomination in an active and interactive way, from being mere spectators to becoming actors of their explorations. They can also immerse themselves in the landscape to (re) experience emotions that were common up to yesterday, but today in the Covid-19 era are rare and more precious than ever.

“The project responds to a desire for more in-depth knowledge of the territory and the landscape, requests we have received from the numerous enthusiasts and consumers around the world. They are more and more interested in knowing where that wine was produced, rather than knowing how long it will stay in the barrel, or other information of this kind”, explained the president of the Consortium, Giovanni Manetti, to WineNews, who added, “it is a project as well as an in-depth study that is certainly useful and efficient to the path we began years ago, which will lead to the recognition of the UGA, the Additional Geographical Units, so that the name of the "village" where that bottle of Chianti Classico was produced, can be put on labels”.
“The project was created to enhance the differences, and the characteristics that in Chianti Classico are as greatly evident as much as they are forgotten. Very often we do not pay attention to what surrounds us, and one of the great riches of Chianti Classico is precisely the landscape, the uniqueness of its hills, which is evident to the eye”, commented Alessandro Masnaghetti. “The fingerprint of a wine and of a denomination coincides with the profile of its landscape. Learning to read it, appreciate its nuances and value its differences is the key to strengthening its identity. Further, it is also a new way to approach the story of a wine and its territory, as well as tasting the wine”.

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