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Chianti Classico restaurateurs: they pair it with food and expertly narrate it

“Amici del Chianti Classico”, a new community of restaurants from Florence to Siena, selected by the Consortium for their wine lists
“Amici del Chianti Classico”, a community of restaurants selected by the Consortium

The "Amici del Chianti Classico" are restaurateurs that pair Chianti Classcio wines with their food and expertly narrate it. It is a new community of restaurants selected by the Consorzio Vino Chianti Classico, specifically for their wine lists, who have received the Consortium’s recognition particularly for working so enthusiastically with Gallo Nero wines – which, on average, present 20 references on their wine lists and to which many have dedicated an exclusive section . It is a symbiotic relationship in which one cannot exist without the other. The project is the result of screening over 300 restaurants in Florence, Siena and in the Chianti Classico production area (carried out by the Agency , 2night) that gave the Consortium a broad and full picture of the excellence of Chianti Classico and its position on the domestic market. The criteria in order to be included into the “club” (open to all those who feel or want to become friends of Chianti Classico, ed.) make reference to both parameters of quantity; that is, the percentage of Chianti Classico, compared to other Tuscan reds, on the wine list, and quality, aimed at guaranteeing correct information about the wines on the list and good practice using the product. To support these criteria, the Consortium has chosen to “brand” the chosen premises by putting a label in their windows as well as other objects to benefit the work of the dedicated restaurateur, and also provide maps to raise awareness and understanding of the Gallo Nero territory. “We wanted to open a direct and continuous channel with those who work in the catering world, who we consider among the most important ambassadors of our denomination”, explained Giovanni Manetti, president of the Chianti Classico Wine Consortium. Thanks to the valuable work of the many people involved in this sector every day, the public at large has the opportunity to appreciate and get to know our wines more in depth. This is the reason it is important to give rewards, but also to constantly inform our restaurant owners about news and trends that revolve around Chianti Classico and understand from them how the Consortium and its companies can help their work”. And, after the heart of the Chianti Classico production area, the project will be ready to begin in Milan in 2019, involving one of the most interesting wine and food communities in Italy, and also to focus on the dimensions and criteria of inclusion of those working with Chianti Classico outside Tuscany, in our Country that now identifies the dominant trend regionalization of wine consumption.

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