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CMO Promotion: here is the national ranking list. 29 million euro funding for 72 projects

Aiming at Third Countries to cultivate export growth. Confagri Wine Promotion, Enomotion and Avimo at the top for contributions and projects

The wine world is looking beyond the pandemic, or at least, like everyone else, is trying to do so. And for Italy’s wine producers, who experienced an all in all good 2021, which will close with an export record that, according to the most optimistic estimates, could reach 7 billion euros, it will be essential to return to promotion in foreign markets in the ways that the health framework will allow. And, in this sense, the Ministry of Agricultural Policies has published the provisional national ranking list of projects admitted to funding with the resources of the Wine CMO for promotion in third countries. More than 29 million euros have been admitted to funding (22.5 million euros in the form of an advance and 6.6 million euros in the form of the balance) that will activate promotion projects for a total value of 72.3 million euros.
The effectiveness of the ranking list, as explained in Ministerial Decree 668802 of December 20, 2021, “is subject to the outcome of pre-contractual checks”, as required by law.
The largest funding, with 3 million euros each for projects worth a total of 7.5 million euros, was awarded to two groups: the Associazione Enomotion and the Associazione A.v.i.m.o. (Ambassadors of Italian Wines in the World). Next in line, with 2.7 million euros out of a project value of 6.7 million euros, is the consortium whose mandatary company is the Istituto del Vino Italiano di Qualità Grandi Marchi (which brings together 18 leading Italian wine producers, Alois Lageder, Tenute Ambrogio e Giovanni Folonari, Antinori, Argiolas, Col d’Orcia, Ca’ del Bosco, Carpenè Malvolti, Donnafugata, Jermann, Lungarotti, Masi, Mastroberardino, Michele Chiarlo, Pio Cesare, Rivera, Tasca d’Almerita, Tenuta San Guido, Umani Ronchi), and, with 2.5 million euros in co-financing for projects of 6.3 million euros, the consortium headed by Gruppo Italiano Vini – GIV.
million euros out of a total of 6.2 million euros have been allocated to Associazione Be Wines, while 2.4 million euros of European funds out of a total of 6.1 million euros have been allocated to Confagri Wine Promotion, the Confagricoltura company that deals with wine promotion (and which has also been awarded another 1.5 million euros out of a total of 3.8 million for another project, thus putting together 3.9 million euros of funding for a total investment of 7.6 million euros, ed.) 2.2 million euros of the 5.7 million euro project, on the other hand, went to the consortium led by Casa Vinicola Zonin. In addition, 1.8 million euros for a 4.6-million-euro project went to the consortium headed by Santa Margherita, while 1.7 million euros for a 4.4-million-euro project went to the consortium headed by Bertani, and the same amount, for a 4.2-million-euro project, to Amaranth, while 1.4 million euros for a 3.6-million-euro project went to Ati Italy International Wines.
Finally, 989,599 euros on a 2.4 million euro project go to the ATI led by Allegrini, 943,830 for a 1.9 million euro project to Consorzio Magellano, while 373,106 euros on a 761,440 euro promotion project go to Federdoc.
So this is the ranking list, net of checks and appeals which, over the years, it is worth remembering, have never been lacking.

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