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Equalitas and FederBio signed a Memorandum of Understanding for development of sustainable viticulture

A permanent round table has been established to promote the culture and practice of sustainability in the wine supply chain
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Italy has been waiting for the definitive law on the single National sustainability standard for quite a long time. In the meantime, the wine companies in the supply chain have decided to act. An example is the Memorandum of Understanding signed between Equalitas (standard-owner led by FEDERDOC) and FEDERBIO, the inter-professional organization that enhances and protects Italian agriculture and organic production, to support an integrated and shared approach of institutions, companies and professionals in the wine sector on the topic of organic sustainability. The central theme of the agreement, signed just recently in Rome, is to promote an approach integrating organic certification with the Equalitas Sustainable Wine standard, as a model for environmental and social protection as well as a constant challenge for wine companies that are ever more mindful and close to these issues. The Italian wine sector, Equalitas and FEDERBIO have explained that 18% of production is already certified organic, and more than a billion bottles of wine come from certified sustainable companies following the Equalitas standard. The joint commitment to correct and transparent communication towards the consumer is the starting point of the Protocol, then to train and assist wine companies that want to integrate both management models: “Organic” and “Equalitas Vino Sostenibile”. On one hand, the approach is complete and advanced corporate responsibility, facilitating, where possible, joint controls. On the other, it is working to strengthen requirements to distinguish organic farming as a strategic resource for the EU, in sustainable wine management, and on issues such as traceability of products and processes, protection of biodiversity and the health of consumers and workers. “By integrating the principles of two of the most important sustainable certifications”, Maria Grazia Mammuccini, president of FederBio, pointed out, “the agreement with Equalitas represents a significant step to completely valorize agro-ecological viticulture in all its aspects. As a matter of fact, it combines the quality of organic certification, which guarantees environmentally friendly agronomic techniques, to the Equalitas standard, which certifies sustainability in the entire supply chain, evaluating carbon footprint and good social practices. Further, the permanent working group that will be activated will ensure training, research and communication to enhance Italian organic and sustainable viticulture to excellence at the International level”. Riccardo Ricci Curbastro, president of Equalitas, said, “Equalitas has signed this agreement that aims to create a system, and we hope the institutions will also acknowledge the companies’ requests to rationalize, recognizing and supporting the various ways of approaching sustainability, as well as defining it completely in a serious and transparent manner”.

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