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EU, 16.1 billion liters of wine were produced and sold in 2022. Italy and Spain in the lead

According to Eurostat data, our country is also first in exports, with 2.2 billion liters (30% of the total)

In 2022, the sold production of wine (including sparkling wine, port and grape must) in the European Union was 16.1 billion liters. The top three producers -- Italy, Spain and France -- put together 83% of the total. Italy and Spain each contributed nearly 5 billion liters (with 62% of total production sold in the European Union), while France produced 3.4 billion liters, or 20%. Italy was also by far the leading European wine exporter, with 2.2 billion liters in 2022, accounting for 30% of the EU total. It is followed by Spain (2.1 billion liters, 29%) and France (1.4 billion liters, 19%): this is what the latest data released by Eurostat, the European Union’s statistical office, tells us, taking a snapshot of the state of the art of wine on our continent.
After the "triad" of strongest producers, other countries exceeding 1% of the total produced in the European Union are Germany (4%), Portugal (above 2%) and Hungary (below 2%). In 2022, EU members exported 7.2 billion liters of wine. Almost half (3.2 billion liters, 44%) was exported to countries outside the EU (while 56% remained within the intent of European borders). Most of the wine was exported to the United Kingdom (0.7 billion liters, 23% of non-EU exports), followed by the United States (0.7 billion liters, 22%), Russia (0.3 billion liters, 9%) and Canada (0.20 billion liters, 6%).

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