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Ferrari Trento makes the first toast Versappen, Hamilton and Norris on the Formula 1 podium in Imola

The Italian and Trentino bubbles debuted at the Made in Italy Emilia Romagna Grand Prix. A toast to sports, and to restarting

Ferrari Trentodoc made its debut in the hands of Max Verstappen, the winner of the Grand Prix of Made in Italy and Emilia Romagna, as the official toast on the Formula 1 podiums. It was a worldwide Italian toast, which, in addition to being a source of great pride for the Lunelli family winery and for one of the most important Italian sparkling wine territories, is also a symbol of rebirth, a good omen for the hoped-for, but not so easy restarting up in Italy, which is still struggling with the Covid-19 Pandemic.
The Italian celebration was almost 100% complete. Many had long dreamed of a podium heralding the two Ferraris; that is, the sparkling wine, and Maranello with Charles Leclerc who, however, had to give up third place position in the final laps of a truly passionate race in the rain, overtakings, accidents and safety cars. Therefore, on the podium, toasting with Ferrari along with the Red Bull driver, Verstappen, was the award winning world champion Lewis Hamilton, in a Mercedes, and Lando Norris, of McLaren. In addition to the trophy, the winner received a bottle of Ferrari Brut in Jeroboam format (3 liters) with a personalized label dedicated to the Grand Prix, which in this case shows the track of the Imola race.
Formula 1, on its official profile, tweeted, “Started the day in the rain, ended it in @FerrariTrento”: “started in the rain, ended up in the bubbles of Ferrari Trento”. This was the first of a long series of Italian toasts that over the next three years, thanks to Ferrari, will narrate a piece of Made in Italy wine to Formula 1 aficionados and the general public, reinforcing the antique and deep bond between Ferrari's bubbles and great moments in National sports. One example, but it is not the only one, the toast on the field, in Bernabeu, Spain, during the World Cup that Italy won in 1982.

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