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Food is the number one pleasure of Italians. More than sex. And wine is in the “top 10”

64% of people consider enjoying a great meal to be the ultimate pleasure, more than making love (61%). Gfk survey for “Xlovecam”
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Food is the number one pleasure of Italians. More than sex. And wine is in the “top 10”

Better to enjoy a great dish or admire a beautiful landscape than to lavish in amorous effusions. Because the pleasures of the palate, for Italians, are the best by far, the absolute favorite, better than sex. Reaffirming the Italians’ huge and exuberant passion for food and wine, which materializes not only in the growth of “fine dining”, interrupted by the pandemic but resumed as soon as the free everyone arrived, but also in the search for “food experiences” of all kinds, in attending tasting and cooking classes, and in the spasmodic sharing of photos and posts dedicated to food on social networks, the so-called “food porn”, is a curious survey by Gfk for “XloveCam”, an adult entertainment portal. From which it emerges that among “the pleasures of life”, 64% of the interviewees indicate that “savoring delicious food” is the gesture that elicits the most pleasure ever, in second place comes “the experience of contemplating a beautiful landscape” (61%) and, only in third place, there is “making love” (60%). Again, for 56%, pleasure comes from devoting time to loved ones, for 55% from listening to music, for 51% from taking moments of peace and silence for themselves, while 39% associate the most pleasure with some kind of olfactory experience, 33% with reading, but there is also 29% who put tasting a good wine at the top of their preferences, and 26% who derive the most pleasure from contemplating a work of art.

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