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France, Italy, and Switzerland on the podium. USA and China out of the top 20

According to data from the portal Statista.com, between 2014 and 2018 consumption fell almost everywhere, far from Spain
France, Italy, and Switzerland on the podium. USA and China out of the top 20

Over the years, the map of average wine consumption has not changed very much, although the Mediterranean countries, France, Italy and Spain, are decreasing, the two reference markets, the United States and China, are not even in the top 20: they import a lot, and drink much more than many other countries, however, wine is not yet, a popular phenomenon. Therefore, even if only slightly, France, as reported by Statista.com portal data, takes the top, with 45.1 liters of wine per person drunk in 2018, compared to 45 in Italy (in 2014 the parties were reversed, with the Belpaese at 48.1 liters per capita and France at 47.4), while on the lowest step of the podium is confirmed Switzerland, with 42.8 liters of wine per person (from 44.7 in 2014). Behind, among many confirmations and some change of position, we find Portugal, where, in 2018, 41.8 liters were consumed per capita, then Austria (41.2 liters per capita), Greece (39.7 liters per capita, slightly up on 2014), Germany (36.5 liters per capita), Denmark (35.9 liters per capita), Belgium and Luxembourg (32.1 liters per capita), Argentina (31.8 liters per capita) and Hungary (31 liters per capita). And again, under the threshold of 30 liters of wine per person, Australia (28.4 liters per capita), New Zealand (27.5 liters per capita), Sweden (27.2 liters per capita), Holland and Romania (matched to 27 liters per capita), Uruguay (26.4 liters per capita), Slovakia (25.5 liters per capita), Great Britain (24.6 liters per capita) and Spain, to close the top 20, to 18.4 liters of wine consumed on average by the Spanish, despite a level of production that places the Iberian country constantly on the podium.

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