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France-USA, Italy-USA, France-UK and Italy-Germany: the most precious wine routes

The value of economic trade between countries according to data from the Tridge platform, analyzed by WineNews
World’s most valuable wine routes according to Tridge data

The route that takes wine from France to the USA, followed by the one from Italy to the States, and then the route that crosses the English Channel and takes French wine to the United Kingdom, and the one that fills German glasses with Italian wine: these are the most important “flows” of wine trade, in terms of value, according to the analysis of Tridge, one of the most important online platforms dedicated to import-export of food products in the world.
A curious analysis that, in the midst of an increasingly vast and complex world of wine, tells of the bilateral axes that move the most value, and that tells, in its own way, when, from where and towards where wine is moving in the world. And so, while Istat data analyzed by WineNews shows the important recovery of Italian wine exports in the world, growing by +11.2% in the first 5 months of 2021 compared to 2020, but also by +6.3% compared to 2019, the year of the record of 6.4 billion euros, whose overcoming seems within reach, looking at the complete data on 2020, Tridge’s analysis shows that the richest wine route is the one from France to the USA, which in 2020 moved 1.8 billion dollars, followed closely by the one from Rome to Washington, with a value of 1.7 billion dollars. On the podium there is the Paris-London axis, which has moved 1.3 billion dollars of wine, just ahead of that between Rome and Berlin, which has earned Italian wineries a total of 1.2 billion dollars. Then comes the trade between France and Japan, which in 2020 moved 854 million dollars, ahead of that between Italy and the United Kingdom, with 817 million dollars, and preceding that between France and Germany, at 771. Position no. 8 in this peculiar ranking for the route between Australia and China, which moved 680 million dollars, ahead of that between France and nearby Belgium, worth 582 million dollars, and that between the same hexagon and greater China, at 509 million dollars. Following, again, are the routes between France and Hong Kong (453 million dollars), between France and Canada (450), the United States and Canada (448), Italy and Switzerland (437), France and Switzerland (420), New Zealand and the U.S. (410), France and the Netherlands (399), Italy and Canada (396), Spain and Germany (394) and Spain-United Kingdom (382).
The top 20 wine trade routes by value, that alone moved just under $14 billion in 2020, out of the $32 billion put together by wine exports worldwide.

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