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Franciacorta, the market and sustainability, Silvano Brescianini reelected president

He will continue leading the Franciacorta Consortium, following record sales in 2021 (20.3 million bottles), and + 45% in the first quarter of 2022
Silvano Brescianini, president of the Franciacorta Consortium

The market has restarted its run following the Pandemic, and is doing better than pre-Covid levels. The future sees more and more investments in sustainability aimed at increasing the quality of the environment and wines. This is the state of health of Franciacorta, one of the most prestigious areas of Italian sparkling wines, which after experiencing a record year in 2021 and an even better start to 2022, the Board of Directors of the Consortium also reelected Silvano Brescianini (Barone Pizzini) president. Further, they appointed new CEO, Simona Luraghi, manager who boasts a consolidated career and over 23 years of experience in the major multinational companies in the mass and luxury markets as well as in the financial, commercial and strategic sectors. “There is still a lot to do”, Brescianini underlined, “but the challenges over the next few years prompt us evermore to follow shared guidelines in the name of the union of passions”. The guidelines that to date have brought important results include in 2021 Franciacorta sales exceeded 20.3 million bottles, + 15.5% compared to 2019, and 10.3% export share, and growing. Switzerland, the USA, Japan, Germany and Belgium are the main markets, and the average value per bottle, in 2021, jumped to 13.4 euros. These numbers confirm an even better start in the first quarter of 2022 - + 45.1% compared to the first quarter in 2021, and allow us to look to the future.
“We are continuing to invest in sustainability”, President Brescianini had told WineNews recently, “because we are winegrowers, and the state of health of the land where we live and on which we work is fundamental to us. The most interesting work in progress, ongoing for about ten years, is functional biodiversity. We are learning to understand the various forms of life, how to create conditions to safeguard and increase them, and understand how their interactions can improve the quality of soils and of wines. But there are many other projects underway taking this same direction. It is what we call "Zonation 3", but it is actually a system of knowledge that we want to deepen so that the winegrowers will have more information to support their choices”. “I would like to thank the new council for their confidence, demonstrating great consistency and responsibility”. Brescianini added, “It is an incentive to continue our task with resolve and commitment in representing the numerous companies that make up Franciacorta wine, as well as protect and strongly promote our prestigious territory. Finally, I thank the outgoing directors for the contribution they have made to the whole of Franciacorta over all these years. Simona Luraghi”, the President of the Consortium continued, “will have to further qualify the image, not only Franciacorta but all the associated wineries and the territory, recognized as a system at the National and International levels. She will have to collaborate with institutions, market stakeholders, aiming attention to increasingly synergistic integration of the internal team, external reality, the territory, the member companies and the local and national political context”. The Board of Directors of the Franciacorta Consortium, in addition to Silvano Brescianini, are: Lucia Barzanò, Loris Biatta, Luigi Biolatti, Joska Biondelli, Cesare Bosio, Michele Bozza, Stefano Camillucci, Mario Falcetti, Laura Gatti, Francesca Moretti, Paolo Pizziol, Emanuele Rabotti , Gualberto Ricci Curbastro, Giuseppe Vezzoli, Maurizio Vezzoli, Maurizio Zanella and Arturo Ziliani.

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