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Frescobaldi grows in Maremma: after Tenuta Ammiraglia, here is Poggio Verrano

Lamberto Frescobaldi, to WineNews: “a complementary investment to our vision of the territory, where we also return to focus on red wines”

The historic Marchesi Frescobaldi wine galaxy is still expanding, with the family returning to invest in Maremma, where it already owns the magnificent Ammiraglia estate designed by architect Piero Sartogo. To which are now added the 27 hectares of vineyards and the cellar of the Poggio Verrano estate, acquired from the Bolla family, who built it in the early 2000s. “I am very pleased with this acquisition, which complements our vision of the Maremma of the wine, because if with Tenuta dell’Ammiraglia, which is just over 3 kilometres from Poggio Verrano, over the years we have achieved a good positioning on rosés and whites, now we can return to focusing also on Maremma reds”, comments Lamberto Frescobaldi to WineNews, at the helm of a group that now comprises over 1,500 hectares of vineyards in the most prestigious areas of Tuscany, with the estates Castello di Pomino (Pomino), Castello di Nipozzano (Nipozzano), Tenuta Perano (Gaiole in Chianti), Tenuta Castiglioni (Montespertoli), Tenuta CastelGiocondo (Montalcino), Tenuta Ammiraglia (Magliano in Toscana), Remole (Sieci), Tenuta Calimaia (Cervognano) and Gorgona, to which must be added the Estates of Bolgheri, Ornellaia and Masseto, Tenuta Luce in Montalcino and Attems in Collio.
Poggio Verrano is an acquisition that begins from afar. “Our style is to let the land and the diversity of the territories speak for themselves; the various lands, which characteristics vary from estate to estate, and even within each of them, are chosen based on their vocation. We have deep respect for what Francesco Bolla and his family have done in Maremma. I have personally seen the construction of the Poggio Verrano company - explains Lamberto Frescobaldi - as I passed in front of it every time I went to the Ammiraglia. The beauty of the vineyards and the cellar perfectly integrated into the landscape, everything communicates Francesco Bolla’s attention and love for the area. I am grateful to him for allowing us to continue what he began with such love”.
“The vines, which are primarily cultivated with international varieties such as Cabernet and Petit Verdot, are beautiful; they are 20 years old and fully mature. Already in 2022 we harvested and vinified the grapes that we bought “on the vine” in view of this agreement, and the quality is extraordinary. As it is also the cellar, constructed underground, integrated into the territory and which Francesco Bolla built with the “guide” of the oenologist Carlo Ferrini, which is a further guarantee of work done in a workmanlike manner. And there is also a small lake in the property, but the vineyards have not needed to be irrigated for years, indicating that the plants are also well adapted to the microclimatic context, which is another very important factor”.
The acquisition, explains another note, was agreed upon by the Bolla family with great harmony: the Marchesi Frescobaldi philosophy of “cultivating Toscana diversity” fully enters the project of creating wines of great excellence in Maremma.
“The increasingly complex and complicated international scenario prompted me to consider the need for new energies. As a result, I am pleased that the Poggio Verrano company has joined the Frescobaldi family’s wine-growing constellation. I am confident that my friend Lamberto and his expert team will propel it, particularly the top Dròmos wine, to new heights”, comments Francesco Bolla, the fourth generation of the family, who retains the house and the olive grove. “Therefore - comments Francesco Bolla again - we will continue to frequent this magical part of the Tuscan coast: the Maremma. I conclude by thanking my family, in particular my daughter Valentina, who has worked in the company for the past ten years, my former collaborators, especially those with more seniority, the commercial partners and all those who have given their active contribution in this adventurous journey”.

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