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Great wine, haute cuisine, bel canto: the made in Italy in New York, with Barolo and Barbaresco

Massimo Bottura, Alessandro Cattelan and Il Volo at Eataly Down Town in the grand finale of “Barolo & Barbaresco World Opening”

Nebbiolo is a “pop” wine, as the Italian anchorman Alessandro Cattelan, the most loved by young people, described it to WineNews. And yet, by joining the territory of the Langhe and the producers’ interpretation of the combination of vine and terroir, a fundamental element as Angelo Gaja and the president of the Consortium of Barolo and Barbaresco, Matteo Ascheri, have recalled, it is capable of creating some of the world’s most distinctive and elegant wines, Barolo and Barbaresco. Which, in New York, in the “Barolo & Barbaresco World Opening” no. 1 (in 2021 it will be repeated in China, ed.), on February 4-5, brought under the spotlight and under the lights of Times Square the made in Italy, starting with wine, combined with the cuisine of the world’s no. 1, Massimo Bottura (who created a cocktail and three dishes ad hoc to enhance Barolo and Barbaresco), and the music of Il Volo. A symphony of senses, which has conquered over 100 palates of critics around the world who, in Alba before and in New York, tasted and judged the new vintages, Barolo 2016 (which obtained a rating of 99.3 points) and Barbaresco 2017 (98.1), but also the public of wine lovers, with very long queues to access the great tasting that, in the heart of Manhattan, brought together over 200 producers from the Langa (and many of the most important names in the American trade and world critics) under one roof, to tell their wines and the 181 Additional Geographical Mentions (MGA), the “cru” of the territory, among the most important in Italy and the world. A great spot for the territory (directed by the Consorzio di Barolo Barbaresco Alba Langhe e Dogliani, Sopexa and Colangelo & Partners), which is united but able to enhance the many different enoic expressions that animate it, but also for the whole Made in Italy, which ended in Eataly Down Town, with a choral toast, on the notes of Italian song icons such as “O Sole Mio”, “Volare” and “Libiamo ne’ lieti calici”, sung by Il Volo. Who, to WineNews, said: “our relationship with wine? We like it very much. Let’s take flight with the wine, let’s drink Barolo for breakfast”, joked Piero Barone, Ignazio Boschetto and Gianluca Ginoble. “Jokes aside, today here with great wine, great cuisine and music there is made in Italy. Representing it is a great responsibility, we try to give our best to represent it around the world”. As the wine producers of the Langhe and Italy have been doing for years, the standard-bearers of the most beautiful and beloved Italian style.

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