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Harvest 2020, Italy produced 49,066,003 hectoliters of wine. Veneto and Puglia at the top

Official data from the Ministry of Agriculture, reported by Federvini. 28.6 million hectoliters of white wines, 20.4 the red ones
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Harvest 2020 in Italy, the official data (Agricultural Policies)

It has never been more important as in these times how much wine (and at what prices) will be sold than how much is produced, in the last few days, as reported by Federvini, the Ministry of Agriculture has released the definitive official data about the harvesting campaign 2020-2021. From which it emerges that, in total, Italy produced 49,066,003 hectoliters of wine, with a clear predominance of white wines (28.6 million hectoliters) over red wines (20.4 million hectoliters), taking the data as reported by the Ministry, that is without distinguishing between still wines and sparkling wines, which obviously affect more the production of white wines.
In any case, there are 21,2 million hectoliters of PDO production (13,1 of white wines and 8,1 of red wines), 14,3 million hectoliters of ordinary wines (8,9 of white wines and 5,3 of red wines), while there are 12,8 million hectoliters of PGI wines (6,6 of red wines and 6,1 of white wines). The most productive region, by far, is Veneto, with 11.7 million hectoliters of wine, ahead of Apulia with 9 and Emilia Romagna with 7.8. At a distance, follow Sicily (3.6 million hectoliters), Abruzzo (3.4), Piedmont (2.7) and Tuscany (2.2), with the “top 10” completed by Friuli Venezia Giulia (1.8 million hectoliters), Lombardy (1.5) and Trentino Alto Adige (1.2 million hectoliters, putting together the data of the autonomous provinces of Trento and Bolzano, ed.).
Among curiosities, it also emerges that, overall, Veneto is also the absolute leader for the production of white wines (9.5 million hectoliters), whereas the highest production of red wines is in Apulia (5.5 million hectoliters). The two regions also compete for other quantitative records: Veneto, for example, is also the absolute leader for the production of DOP wines (8 million hectoliters in total), whereas Apulia is the leader for the production of IGP, with 3.1 million hectoliters.

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