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“Il Canto della Terra”, a new art work at Feudi di San Gregorio, inspired by the beauty of Irpinia

Pietro Ruffo created the work that now enriches the brand’s art collection and becomes a limited edition wine for the San Gennaro Community Foundation
“The Song of the Earth” at Feudi di San Gregorio

The amphora that has been used since ancient times to refine wine. The artist has depicted the very cycle of the life of wine upon it, without beginning or end, suggesting, thanks to the spherical shape of the large vase, the conception of time in a clear, naturalistic imprint; that is, the circle of day and night, seasons repeating, constellations dancing in the sky and the natural biological rhythm. It merges the story of the winery operations and the community that animates it together with the territory that hosts it, Irpinia - cradle of wisdom and a millenary food and wine culture. The installation is titled, “Il Canto della Terra” and it is the new site-specific work by the Roman artist, Pietro Ruffo that enriches Feudi di San Gregorio’s art collection. Feudi is one of the top most Italian wine brands, coherent to its commitment for sustainable action, aimed at preserving the beauty and the traditions of the Irpinia area, ​​which it represents the world over.
The initiative was created in collaboration with the San Gennaro Community Foundation, of which Feudi has been a founding member since 2014. Father Antonio Loffredo is at the head of the Foundation, which is committed to overcoming social discomforts of young people, thanks to its historical-artistic heritage and the human capital of the Rione Sanità di Napoli. The company, led by president Antonio Capaldo, has committed also to involving well-known contemporary artists, such as Mimmo Jodice, and the duo, Vedovamazzei and Marinella Senatore to create site-specific works, also put on limited editions. The proceeds are fully donated to finance the Foundation’s projects. Ruffo’s style is clearly depicted in the design of the limited edition for the San Gennaro Foundation. This year it will enhance the 1.998 examples of Dubl +, the Greek-based Classic Method that the company has successfully experimented, inspired by the “Constellations” series, watercolor and intaglios on canvassed paper, where two different geographic maps, one terrestrial and one celestial are superimposed, exploring the major themes of world history.

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