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Importance and fascination of vine “Patriarchs” in a symposium of experts at Feudi di San Gregorio

The winery-symbol of Irpinia, custodian of pre-phylloxera vines, hosts “The Old Vines Conference” No. 5 to spread its culture and value

The historic viticultural heritage is a precious and endangered resource that must be enhanced and protected, starting with research, genetic study and reproduction of the “Patriarchs”, the historic and monumental vineyards (70 to over 200 years old) that still populate territories such as Irpinia, where wine has been produced since ancient times. This is the mission of Feudi di San Gregorio, the winery-symbol of the Campania region and of Italian wine, which, from April 19 to 21, welcomes important experts in “The Old Vines Conference” No. 5, the international conference that aims to enhance and safeguard historic vines and spread their culture and values.
Feudi di San Gregorio has among its goals as a Benefit Society the enhancement of the beauty of its territory, Irpinia, a historic place of wine production since ancient times and which still possesses wonderful and productive pre-Fillosian vineyards. It is precisely on this theme that the brand has decided to commit itself, on an Italian and international level, to promote and safeguard the historic vineyards of Irpinia and the high quality and exceptional nature of the wines produced. And for this reason it will host the 5th edition of “The Old Vine Conferences” with oenologists, winemakers, journalists, producers and international wine merchants discussing.
Among the speakers will be Antonio Capaldo, president of Feudi di San Gregorio, which, for more than 15 years, has been collaborating with Italian and international universities to research, genetically study and reproduce the historic vines (70 to over 200 years old) that still populate Irpinia. Created in collaboration with Professor Attilio Scienza, one of the world’s leading experts in viticulture who will be among the speakers, and the University of Milan, the “Patriarchs” project is based on the study of the DNA of centuries-old pre-phylloxera and free-range plants and has made it possible to reconstruct their history and preserve specimens in a vineyard that is an open-air museum. “We would have lost a priceless genetic treasure”, Capaldo recalls, “which instead has become part of our heritage. The most interesting vines have been codified and reproduced, and they live on in the new Aglianico plantings in the “Dal Re” vineyard”.
Discussants will include Pierpaolo Sirch, production manager of Feudi di San Gregorio, and “Vine Master Pruners” with Marco Simonit, who will also lead a vineyard pruning masterclass, and from Ben Smith, founder of Freerun Pr, to Emilie Richomme, International Marketing Manager Feudi di San Gregorio, from Viviana Malafarina, Winery Manager of Basilisco, to Michèle Shah, Old Vine Conferences Regional Ambassador for Italy, from Belinda Stone, Consultant Head of Marketing, to Elie Lloyd Ellis of “Decanter”, from wine writers Lisse Garnett and Hannah Crosbie to Georgie Fenn, founder of “Wining Away the Weekend”, from sommelier, wine educator Wset and founder of “Eat Sleep Wine Repeat”, to Master of Wine student Anna Spooner, from Cynthia Chaplin, Editorial Manager and Coordinator of Vinitaly International Academy, to Lars J. Leicht, Sherpa-in-Chief of “Vino Viaggio”, from Gastón Adolfo, senior sommelier at the prestigious “67 Pall Mall” club in London, to Jose Quintana, winemaker at Vagabond Wines, from Lorenzo Tonelli, Head Sommelier at Maison Estelle in London, to Master of Wine Sarah Abbott who will lead a materclass dedicated to wines from pre-Phylloxera vineyards from around the world.
Unique and exciting vineyards, possible only in extraordinary territories that, naturally vocated, have been able to preserve their richness and biodiversity over time. From here unique wines are born, which should be valued and recognized, such as Serpico, fruit of the centuries-old vineyards of Taurasi, which expresses the intimate essence of Irpinia and its deepest roots.

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