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In mid-May Italian cellars stocked 45.1 million hectoliters of wine

The “Cantina Italia nr. 9” bulletin, published by the ICQRF on data from the electronic register. More PDOs than PGIs, more reds than whites
In mid-May Italian cellars stocked 45.1 million hectoliters of wine

Following a very scarce 2017 harvest, the Italian wine world is starting to prepare for the 2018 harvest, hoping for a more abundant production than the last one. In any case, Italian wine cellars have, basically, an entire year’s worth of production in their “safes”. According to the bulletin. “Cantina Italia nr. 9” dated May 15, published by the fraud control center, ICQRF, on data from the electronic register, on the Ministry of Agriculture site, stocks (data of those who produce less than 50 hectoliters per year are not calculated, as they are exempted from keeping a register), amount to a total of 45.1 million hectoliters, of which 32.1 PDO, 11.7 of PGI, and 9.5 million hectoliters of table wine. In particular, “stocks” of red wines are the most abundant in absolute terms, at 19.7 million hectoliters total (12.9 PDO and 6.8 PGI), while whites are at 14.4 million hectoliters (9.5 PDO and 4.4 PGI). And for rosés, instead, Italian cellars are storing a total of 821.609 hectoliters (of which 367.811 of PDO wines, and 453.798 PGI wines).
Almost half of all Italian wine is stored in the Veneto, Tuscany and Emilia-Romagna regions’ cellars. There are 10.7 million hectoliters of wine stored in Veneto, 5.7 million hectoliters in Emilia Romagna, and 5.1 million hectoliters in Tuscany. Then, come Apulia at 4.2 million hectoliters, Piedmont at 4 million hectoliters, Sicily at 2.7 million hectoliters and Abruzzi at 2.4 million hectoliters, revealed the Ministry of Agricultural Policies report.

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