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Investing in times of crisis – Caviro will spend 9 million euros in innovation and expansion

Investment focuses on the Leonardo da Vinci brand, for sustainability, technological efficiency and packaging
Caviro will spend 9 million euros in innovation and expansion

Investments have always been a positive sign. They express the vitality of a sector, as well as the strength of those who decide to put them into play. Investing becomes even more important during moments of crisis and uncertainty, such as what the whole world is unfortunately experiencing right now. This is the reason why the 9 million euros investment that one of the giants of Italian wine, the Caviro Group, has earmarked for the expansion of the production plant in Forlì that operates in the fields of wine processing and bottling, is very big news. The agricultural cooperative, founded in Faenza, which today represents 27 member wineries and 12.400 winemakers in 7 Italian Regions, has already partially funded the investment upon recently receiving, through the development contract, the support of Invitalia – the National Development Agency.
The entire transaction was created to enable implementing the production capacity of the plant and it adds an important return in terms of employment as we are expecting to hire 12 new employees. “We are very pleased to be able to present a major project, such as this one, especially in light of the challenging and difficult moment the global economic and social system is experiencing”, stressed Carlo Dalmonte, president of the Caviro Group. “The development plan introduced in Forlì is fundamental not only to increase employment in the area but also to support, in this complicated phase, Italian agriculture and especially, the agriculture of Emilia-Romagna”.

Domenico Arcuri, of Invitalia, added, “we believe that collaboration is important between public and private in a strategic and flag sector for Made in Italy, in this period in which we are facing an alarming economic situation. We are aware that supporting this project, and therefore being able to contribute to increasing the volumes of wine exported, means allowing Italy to compete, together with France, for the world record”. The territory is facing not only an alarming economic situation in this period, but also serious damage caused by frost, and Invitalia's support demonstrates that collaboration between public and private in a strategic and flag sector for Made in Italy, is essential. “Financing the Caviro Group represents an “Institutional” acknowledgment for the value of our supply chain, which is actually the most important sector in Italy”, continued Dalmonte, “and therefore, we would like to thank the Ministry of Economic Development and Invitalia for their effective collaboration. We would further like to thank the Region, which immediately supported our project”.
“The entire investment is intended for the introduction of new machinery and systems with high technological efficiency and low energy impact, and will particularly affect the Leonardo da Vinci brand within the Group's portfolio”, continued SimonPietro Felice, General Manager of the Caviro Group. Their intention is to expand production volumes and launch product innovation, thanks to the introduction of a new format of 0.187 liter bottles, which today are produced in glass, and tomorrow will be in PLA, compostable plastic.

“The Caviro Group aims to be a pioneer in a sector that is experiencing a phase of great evolution both in packaging as well as the requests for quality and service”, Felice emphasized, “we believe this operation is fundamental to be able to increase the strength of our supply chain, improve the positioning of our products on the market, consolidate and develop foreign markets, reduce the incidence of management costs and, we sincerely hope, to increase the level of remuneration for our members”.

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