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Lambrusco, the pop wine from Emilia Romagna, speaks to young people, sports and sustainability

The Consortium brand will sponsor the Energica Motor Company (MotoE), Barbara Milani (former national ski team) and Michele Ramazza (extreme kayaking)

During a pandemic, health is the predominant topic, together with environmental sustainability to which it is closely linked. Sporting events are among the few that have continued on, in any case, which is the reason why the wine & food world is more and more looking to the sports world to communicate to consumers. Therefore, when sports and environmental sustainability meet, the circle closes perfectly. This is also the reason that the new Lambrusco Protection Consortium, representing all the types of Lambrusco DOC from Emilia Romagna, will sponsor the Energica Motor Company, the sole manufacturer of the FIM Enel MotoE World Cup, until 2022, which is the world championship dedicated to electric-powered tracks, the Ski Champion Barbara Miani, and the Extreme Kayaking Champion, Michele Ramazza.
These partnerships are definitely linked to the territory. Energica Motor Company is a company from Modena that “has made sustainability, excellence and innovation its objectives”. These objectives are fully reflected in the program of collaboration, as the Lambrusco Protection Consortium’s new logo will become known starting in early May at the MotoE (no emissions) world races, contemporarily to the MotoGP races, on the Paddock clothing of the Energica Racing Staff, and the Board of Directors.
The Consortium brand, as president Claudio Biondi explained, “has a shape that recalls the buoyant movement of the bubbles in all the versions of Lambrusco, and is reminiscent of a wax seal like those that close the most precious letters and gifts”, will also be on Barbara Milani's helmet for a few days. She has been on the Italian National Ski team for almost 12 years, and after having participated in over 50 World Cup races, she is now a teacher, trainer and instructor. Barbara was born and raised in Pian del Falco, in the Modena Apennines, and she is the founder and director of the “In2thewhite” association, committed to guaranteeing “Skiing for all”, even for disabled skiers. “We are pleased to give our support to those who every day are working to promote sports, especially without discrimination or discrepancies”, Biondi emphasized. Michele Ramazza, the extreme kayaker from Bologna, and in the top 10 of the world ranking, will be the spokesperson for Lambrusco around the world. He is a former member of the National Junior Slalom Canoe team. “He is very aware - just like the producers of the most famous red bubbles in the world – of what it means to work hard for a goal, immersed in and respecting nature. Ramazza has been traveling around the world for years exploring extreme rivers by canoe, and is committed to teaching and spreading the passion for wild waters. The Lambrusco Protection Consortium has also chosen to sponsor this spectacular sporting activity, starting with the Extreme Kayaking World Championship in Norway at the end of June, as well as International competitions and rallies”.
“We have decided to sponsor these three excellent representatives in the sports world to convey the values that the new Lambrusco Protection Consortium wants to represent”, concluded Biondi, “we feel close to their worlds, as all three are “sparkling”, like our Lambrusco wine. However, there is a strategic motivation as well in our choice; that is, the possibility of reaching new reference targets, younger, which are more and more important to us”.

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