Allegrini 2018

“Librottiglia”, signed by Pellegrini: each wine has its own literary genre

A story “hidden” in the label combines the wine’s sensory suggestions together with the stories written by Navarro, Zanelli and Pellizzari

A bottle of wine “to be read”. The label opens and turns into a little book, telling a story and combining two of life’s pleasures: good wine and reading. It’s called Librottiglia. The project involves six wines, distributed by Pellegrini, as the stars that transform tasting into a literary experience. It is a perfect pairing for those who love to read, as well as for those who love wine, to relish a moment to live and share.
Each wine is combined to a narrative genre, and therefore blends the sensory suggestions of the wine with the scenarios created in the stories. You can choose Pass The Cookies! Passito di Di Lenardo, to be tasted while you are reading Michele Navarro's poems dedicated to the night, or Chianti Superiore Meme by Fattoria di Petrognano, to drink while you are enjoying the lines of pure impertinence of Danilo Zanelli’s “Il bambino più buono del mondo” (the best child in the world). Or you can opt for a trip paired with Matteo Correggia’s Barbera d’Alba, a wine that takes time to be fully interpreted, as well as one of the characters in “Posto finestrino” (window seat) the story by the journalist and writer, Tommaso Pellizzari.
These three stories are the most recent contributions to expand the range of wines involved in the collection and that, with the involvement of as many authors, transform the Librottiglia into a small literary series, made up of exciting stories and excellent wines. The bottle format (375ml or 500ml) was chosen to express the concept of the project, i.e., a short story to read while sipping two or three glasses of excellent wine. In addition to the ”label book”, the Librottiglia books are packaged in an elegant black tube, with a metal cap closing, which makes them a perfect gift for Mother’s Day...

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