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Like father, like daughter, from Lodovico to (and with) Sophia Antinori, in the name of top quality

Sof Rosè is the new project of one of the most successful Italian wine makers, creator of Ornellaia, Masseto and Biserno

There are wines that narrate the territories and others that express ideas. And, still others tell stories also about family, comparing generations, and partnerships between parents and children, who work side by side. Lodovico Antinori is one of the men who have most influenced the success of Italian wine in the world, and who, in 1981, founded one of the most prestigious Italian wine Estates in Bolgheri - Ornellaia and Masseto, and then Tenuta di Biserno, in Bibbona, where he still makes the symbolic wine, Lodovico, one of the most celebrated wines in Italy. Now, with his daughter Sophia, just 22 years old, he has initiated a generational collaboration that is above all about the love between father and daughter, producing Sof Rosé. Production of Sof Rosé is the same as Ornellaia (and also Masseto, ed.), created using the Bordeaux blend, transplanted to the land of Bolgheri. Sof has been set up as the highest level of rosé and in Provencal style, results that follow Domaine Ott, the historic producer that in wine terms defines Provence. Sof rosé is made exclusively from red grapes. The Syrah and Cabernet Franc vineyards are close to the sea, on the coast of Alta Maremma, which mirrors Provence. The climate is cooler than it is inland, and guarantees an ideal acidity of the grapes to make rosé. It has a Tuscan soul, and Provencal style, which has also inspired the bottle of Sof, in the shape of an amphora reminiscent of the South of France, with a powdered glass glaze that is extremely attractive. All the details are aimed at a single, ambitious goal, as the philosophy of Lodovico Antinori has always been, to focus on the highest quality to make Sof one of the best rosé wines in Italy.

Focus – A brief story of Lodovico Antinori
The Marquis Lodovico Antinori is one of the most important players in Italian wine history. In 1981, after he finished working in the USA, he founded Ornellaia, in Bolgheri, the result of an adventure that began from a challenge and, most of all, from pride. “In the United States”, explained the Marquis, “Italian wines were considered very poorly, and I wanted to prove to them that in that territory in Italy, wines could be made that were certainly no worse than French wines”. This is the reason he decided to base Ornellaia on grapevines from France that made Bordeaux great, including Merlot. The results were excellent in Bolgheri, and in 1987 became Masseto, an Italian icon, like Ornellaia, which won "Wine of the Year" of the “Top 100” of “Wine Spectator” in 2001, with the 1998 vintage.
But Lodovico Antinori did not stop there, and together with his brother, Piero, and his sister, Ilaria, they transformed the Antinori family winery into a company. He then began to work on two new adventures, a few hundred meters from the Ornellaia vineyards: the Campo di Sasso Estate and the Biserno Estate. Today run by his nephew Niccolò Marzichi Lenzi, which in just a few years have become among the most prestigious Italian wine companies, and which the topmost influential wine critics have judged extraordinary.
“We started the Biserno adventure from scratch, like Ornellaia, with the same philosophy”, explained Lodovico Antinori, who feels strongly linked to this second project, perhaps also on the basis of previous experience. Today, Lodovico Antinori is identified with his homonymous wine, “Lodovico”, a rare and surprising blend produced at the Biserno Estate, highly acclaimed by critics and wine lovers. It is produced with Cabernet Franc, a small percentage of Petit Verdot, and in some vintages also Merlot grapes.

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