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Made in Italy agri-food, export record in 2018. Di Maio announces the “Pernigotti Law”

Exports to 42 billion euros (Coldiretti on Istat data), while the vice premier launches the idea of a law to bind trademarks to the territory
New record for Italian agri-food exports

The made in Italy food and agricultural industry is increasing, although there are internal problems linked to the many critical issues of a long and complex supply chain, ranging from the production of raw materials to the processing of products, and despite the growing international tensions that, historically, do not benefit trade.
However, 2018 marked another record year for the export of wine & food made in Italy, announces Coldiretti, with a growth of 3% over 2017, at 42 billion euros, according to estimates by Istat. The industry of fake Made in Italy and Italian Sounding, still today, “invoices” 100 billion euros, more than double the legal export. This figure was confirmed on National Flag Day, with the celebration of 222 years since the birth of the first Tricolour.
In addition to the protection of real Made in Italy products, the Government is also announcing news on another front: as announced recently by the Minister of Economic Development, Labour and Vice Premier Luigi Di Maio, work is in progress on what has already been renamed the “Pernigotti Law”, in reference to the event that has been involving the Novi Ligure plant of the historic Italian confectionery brand for months, which the Turkish owner, the Toksoz family, would like to dismantle.
“A law will be created that will force Italian brands to produce on Italian territory in the future. If a trademark has been Italian for hundreds of years, it must remain on the territory with the workers who made it great. The time when governments were endorsing financial speculation operations on Made in Italy is over. Now the government is on the side of the workers and especially of a territory that has made a great brand,” said Di Maio in recent days.

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