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Mario Schifano, Tano Festa, Mario Mambor, Carla Accardi, and Dadamaini in Michele Satta’s exhibition

With “Pittura Fresca”, the Bolgheri winery pays tribute to Italian art in the encounter between the works of those who make wine and those who interpret the world

A tribute to Italian contemporary art of the Eighties and Nineties, with the works from masters of pop art, and friends, such as Mario Schifano “the cursed artist”, Tano Festa, who also looks to Surrealism, and Mario Mambor, the most eclectic, of the all-female abstractionism of Carla Accardi, and the geometric-perceptive art of Dadamaini. It is called “Pittura Fresca”, the exhibition of works, from a private collection, with which from 1 to 17 September Michele Satta, the winery of one of the “founding fathers” of Bolgheri, “dematerializes” its physical spaces again, creating a meeting place of the art of those who make wine and those who interpret the world.
An exhibition that, on the background of one of the most important wine territories in the world thanks to the insights of great wineries and enlightened producers such as Michele Satta, creators of prestigious labels as works of art, wants to represent a process of visual challenge that passes from the conceptual to the moving part through the works of six major exponents of this wave, in an uncertain historical moment, but with a strong propulsive thrust.
The canvas is no longer the only expression tool, but also photography, plastic, and other multi-materials become the observer's voice.
“Energy, vitality, chromatic freedom: these are the elements that link the works presented in the Event Space of the Satta winery - explains Giuseppe Frangi, curator of the exhibition - representative of artists who react to the hegemony of a certain intellectualism, rediscovering, with very different solutions among them, the pleasure of painting. Painting is lived as a liberating experience, with sometimes also easy-going tones. They are works that also speak of an Italian taste in staying on the frontiers of modernity”.
“And speaking of taste - for Lucia Satta, Michele’s wife and creator of the event – the special thing is the harmony which goes together with the style of the company that has always made the Italian identity one of its flagships, loves tradition without being bound by pre-established models, and looks to the future with young people”. A company that has hosted cultural events for years because they are linked to constant work, care, research, observation, and experimentation, which is carried out in wine, first by Michele and more recently by his son Giacomo Satta.
“Wine - comment the Satta family - nourishes body and soul, but also art and beauty are some essential nutrients, and this is why the company organizes events, exhibitions, concerts, and theatrical performances every year”. In particular, the “Pittura Fresca” exhibition will take place at the same time as “Bolgheri DiVino” to pay homage to the event and give gratitude to the Bolgheri and Bolgheri Sassicaia Consortium which organizes edition no. 2 of the “Degustazione Diffusa” dedicated to the great wines of the area, open to the public and which is held in two historical landmarks of this wine region, such as the Castello della Gherardesca in Castagneto Carducci and the Frantoio di Casa Carducci.

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