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“PrimAnteprima” – The rock star Gianna Nannini is the testimonial for Tuscan wine.

On March 19th in Florence, the International rock star (and wine producer in her homeland, Siena) will kickoff “Previews of Tuscany”
Gianna Nannini on the cover photo of the Facebook profile Certosa di Belriguardo

Gianna Nannini will be the testimonial for Tuscan wine. The International rock star, who is also a wine producer in Siena, will kickoff “PrimAnteprima 2022”. On March 19th, in Florence, she will open “Previews of Tuscany Week”, organized by the Tuscan Region, the association of Tuscan consortiums, AVITO and all the wine consortiums, which will be held from March 19th to 25th. This is an extraordinary partnership in the name of great Tuscan wines. And, like Nannini, is loved all over the world, (she herself is a wine producer, and is very attentive to the issue of respecting the environment, which the singer has always been committed to, together with Certosa di Belriguardo, in Siena. The singer took it over in 2006, patrimony of the family, built in 1348 by Catholic monks who settled in the area and started producing wine starting from the 16th century AD).
Gianna Nannini has also written meaningful words to wine: “The perfume of wine is the fragrance of the land where I was born and where I am reborn every time I go back there. The taste of wine accompanies me and stays with me. It is part of life like breath itself, it makes my soul sing, it makes me feel closer to people, it makes me love stronger. Wine is in the roots of my body in motion, it is the fountain of the notes that cling to the melody, it is ecstasy that makes you feel at home in the middle of the fields of any country. Wine is what I live”.

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