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Prosecco flavored Pringles: the multinationals’ total indifference for Made in Italy products

Hundreds of tubes of Pringles confiscated in Treviso, but it’s the food giant’s disregard for rules that protect designations that is disturbing
Prosecco flavored Pringles

On one side, there is a multinational food company like Kellog's, on the other, one of the most famous, and therefore, most imitated Italian wine names in the world, Prosecco, put together to become Prosecco flavored Pringles. This is yet another fraud damaging Made in Italy products in a system and mode that are, to say the least, disturbing. The tubes of chips confiscated in a supermarket in Treviso (of course, who knows how many tubes of chips had been marketed, ed.), reveals the total indifference to the most basic protections of Italian denominations, by one of the most famous brands in the world, which on the label has even put the words “Prosecco powder” in its list of ingredients, obviously without the consent of the Consortium of Prosecco.

It is a full blown travesty, especially when you consider the efforts that Italian wine names, but not only, are making every day, also in terms of investments, to prevent fraud and defend their prestige. The Pringles matter was revealed from a report the Prosecco Consortium received, as the chairman of the Consortium, Stefano Zanette explained: “the report was delivered to us during the regular monitoring of products on the market that we carry out in agreement with the Italian inspectorate for fraud prevention, ICQRF”. The product was confiscated a week after the report was issued, which “demonstrates that the control system we have developed, both in terms of domestic as well as foreign markets, is carried out thoroughly and efficiently”.

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