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Record-breaking wines: a 27-liter of Bibi Graetz’s Colore 2016 sold for 100,000 francs in Switzerlan

A unique specimen created by the famous producer for the entrance of the Tuscan winery’s labels on “La Place de Bordeaux”

Seeing 3-figure quotations for a bottle of wine, even in special formats, is something that historically has been the exclusive privilege of the very big names of Burgundy or Bordeaux. But exceptions do exist. And it is an absolute record, for an Italian wine, the sum of 100,000 Swiss francs (a little more than 102,000 euros at today’s exchange rate, ed.) that a collector paid for a unique bottle, a 27-liter Colore 2016, one of the iconic wines of the histrionic producer Bibi Graetz, with the winery’s heart in Fiesole, Tuscany, in the hills of Florence. A purchase, moreover, not at an auction, where usually for rare and highly prized wines very high sums are reached, but at a store specializing in high-end wines, namely Arvino, in Zurich.
A unique specimen, Bibi Graetz’s 27-liter Colore 2016 (one of the winery’s iconic labels, like Testamatta and Soffocone di Vincigliata), which the producer, who grew up in a family of artists and collectors, designed to celebrate the entrance of Bibi Graetz wines on the prestigious “Place de Bordeaux” (where Italy is now the country with the most presence, after France, in a path opened by Masseto 2006, in 2009, ed.) “In a gesture of rare creativity, Bibi, who is also an artist and painter, personally painted a new picture, inspired by the deep emotions and sensations evoked by the 2016 vintage”, the winery explains. This “work of art” was then transformed into the label of this authentic collector’s piece, which moreover is housed in a special case, made from the fine wood of the barrique in which the wine is aged, and protected with a stainless steel lid, sealed with Bibi Graetz’s signature.
A truly unique piece, which ticked a record price for an Italian wine, for a “creation” that, they comment from Bibi Graetz, “is not only a symbol of recognition of the unparalleled quality of Italian wines, but also a tribute to the passion, creativity and innovation that permeate the wine world”.

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