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Rosé wine speaks French, and the world market remains stable in 2022 between consumption and exports

“Observatoire Mondiale du Rosé” report: Italy third largest producer and exporter. And rosés reach 10% among still wines
Rosé wines have their main market in Western Europe and the U.S.

With the summer season, but also with the trend, now more and more pronounced, of cooler and less demanding wines to be preferred in glasses, rosé enters its ideal period and comes to us in a stable phase after years of interesting growth of the product. A rosé that finds its habitat in European markets, including Italy (which, with the “Five Roses” by Leone de Castris, 80 years ago, bottled the first Italian rosé, with a devoted audience even in the United States).
Coming to the numbers, quoted by the “Observatoire Mondiale du Rosé”, published by FranceAgriMer and the Conseil Interprofessionnel del Vins de Provence, one of the most important districts in the world for the type, rosé consumption in 2022 remained stable, with 19.6 million hectoliters (+0.5% over 2021) now representing 10% among still wines. The 16 Western European countries and the United States cover 78% of world consumption, although the spread is widening: if Italy has a relatively low share (5%), France (33%), Germany (11%) and the US (11%) make up the podium. Production for the 2021 vintage was 21.8 million hectoliters (-5.8%), a decline mainly due to the French situation (-1.6 million hectoliters in 2021) although between 2011 and 2021 there was progression in Spain (4%), South Africa (3%), France (3%) and Italy (2%), with rosé generally remaining in positive ground compared to the other types.
France is the leading rosé producing country (30% of the total), ahead of Spain (21%), the United States and Italy (10% for both). Global exports are maintained, at 10.9 million hectoliters in 2022, Spain remains the leading exporter (38% of volumes), ahead of France (18% of volumes) and Italy, with rosés moving to a higher end.
Global export sales reach 2.4 billion euros (+0.3 billion euros over 2021), and in terms of valuation, French rosés strengthen their leadership, with a high average price trending upward. Despite a decline in production and domestic consumption, France remains the undisputed leader among rosé wines: first producer, first consumer, first exporter by value (and the second by volume) and the main importer by volume.

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