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Rrosé is the first “no gender” wine signed by Diesel Farm, Renzo Rosso’s winery

Genderless, a-gender and unisex are now part of the wine world, and a wine that rejects preconceived definitions: neither white nor red

Genderless, a-gender and unisex are all well-known concepts, especially in the fashion world, which have now crossed over to the wine world, with a wine that will be a bridge between people and cultures, because genderless is not a fashion, it is a way of being, a form of expression. This is the concept that generated “Rrosé”, the first “no gender” wine signed by Diesel Farm, the winery of Renzo Rosso, owner of Diesel and the fashion holding OTB (Only The Brave, boasting a turnover of 1.3 billion euros). Further, his Red Circle Investments has risen to 7.5% shareholding of Masi Agricola, where he is now sitting on the Board of Directors. “Rrosé” is an interpretation of Pinot Noir, Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon, and it came to life from the desire to feel free of the limits we set for ourselves every day. There is no sex, no culture, and no religion. “The secret key to freedom is being yourself and loving what you are - without preconceived definitions”, said Renzo Rosso on the International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia. How can this be done? Producing a wine that does not take a position; in other words, it is neither white nor red. It is, instead a meeting point, produced in a biological and eco-sustainable way, on the hills of Marostica, between the pre-Alpine area and the Vicenza plateau.

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