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Soave, the cradle of one of the top Italian white wines, has won the “Borgo dei Borghi 2022”

The Venetian municipality has won the contest on the popular TV program “Kilimangiaro” (Rai3)

Soave has won the “Borgo dei Borghi 2022” award. It is linked to wine in its name and raison d’être. Soave is the most beautiful village in Italy, and number one in the now historic contest the popular television program, “Kilimanjaro” (Rai 3) hosted by Camilla Raznovich, launched. It is a small town in the Veneto Region and its icon is the crenelated walls of the Castle, Soave counts 7.000 inhabitants, more or less one for each of the 7.000 hectares of Soave DOC (which are spread over there 13 municipalities located in the eastern part of the province of Verona). “We are very proud of this result. Soave is the name of our beautiful village, but it is also the name of our white wine, one of the most well- known in the world”, Sandro Gini, president of the Soave Protection Consortium emphasized. The Consortium today counts 90 companies for an annual production of around 47 million bottles. “Winning the contest of the “Kilimanjaro” program on Rai3 gives recognition to the entire territory, made up of history, unmistakable landscape lines and the Garganega vineyards that have covered these hills, east of Verona for centuries, like tiles in a precious mosaic”, Gini added. The “Borgo dei Borghi 2022” award is a “popular” award, which has now been added to the many other awards the area has won.
Soave was the first Italian production area to enter the National Register of Rural Landscapes of historical interest. Then followed the GIAHS-FAO (Globally important agricultural heritage system) recognition dedicated to the agricultural areas around the world that promote sustainable agriculture, the are far away from industrial processes, and which maintain a close link to landscape, local products and associated rural communities. “It is the fruit”, Gaetano Tebaldi, mayor of the Municipality of Soave pointed out, “of an exceptional team effort: the Verona-Veneto system won. This recognition is directly linked to the wine world as Soave wine is the undisputed star of the scene. And, I like to cherish the idea that the best Italian wine is produced in the most beautiful village in Italy. It is up to all of us now, from business to tourism to the wine world to treasure this recognition and put it to good use". The recognition, of course, will be a fundamental driver for wine tourism that is quite strong in the area. “Soave is not only the name of this beautiful medieval village, located just outside Verona”, Wolfgang Raifer, the general manager of Cantina di Soave, explained, “it is also the name of the great white wine that is produced in this area and which made it famous the world over. Cantina di Soave, the largest and most historic cooperative winery in the area, was one of the stars of the episode, and we are very proud because this victory confirms and enhances the great beauty of the entire Soave area, as well as the absolute quality of its wine production, which has ancient roots”.
On the 23rd of April, (11 am) Cantina di Soave will offer a special wine experience dedicated to Soave to celebrate the victory at Il Borgo dei Borghi, in Rocca Sveva, a historical territory, that looks to the future. In the meantime, a few days ago, a pioneer’s dream came true. The new Pieropan winery is ready after six years of work led by the architect Moreno Zurlo of the Ac.me studio in Verona. Today, it is led by Leonildo Pieropan’s children, Andrea and Dario, together with their mother, Teresita, and designed by the late, historic producer himself, in every detail and perfectly set in the FAO heritage landscape that surrounds it. Starting from the concept to the materials used, everything has been done to honor the quality of the wines of those who have made the history of Soave and of an entire nation, creating the first white cru in Italy, and telling the world how it can age in a convincing way. It is a rational, efficient and simple structure, which now also houses “Calvarino 5”, a blend of five vintages symbolizing the path that led to the realization of the last creative effort of the father of quality Soave wine. And it lives in the most beautiful village in Italy.

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