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Stefano Milioni, Vincenzo Mercurio and Enoteca Belsito in Rome: the “Bibenda Oscars” 2022

To the writer, the winemaker and the wine shop the awards to “the men and women who, alongside, production have made Italian wine great in the world”

Stefano Milioni, a historical wine signature, author of multiple editions of the General Catalogue of the Wines of Italy since the mid-1980s, but also co-author of books such as “Il Romanzo del Vino” (together with Giovanni Negri and Roberto Cipresso), and many other publications dedicated to Italian cuisine and artisans, is the winner of the “Oscar of Wine” 2022 as “Best Wine Writer”; to Vincenzo Mercurio, a consulting winemaker with 25 years of experience behind him, and consulting for many wineries throughout Italy, in Campania, Lazio, Basilicata, Calabria, Molise, Puglia, Friuli-Venezia Giulia, Tuscany, Veneto, Sardinia, Umbria, and Sicily, goes instead the “Oscar of Wine 2022 - Giacomo Tachis Award” as “best Winemaker”; Maria Stella Pileggi’s Enoteca Belsito in Rome, famous for its large assortment with thousands of Italian wine labels, but also for one of the largest selections of Champagne in the capital, on the other hand, is the “best Wine Shop”: here are the “Oscars of Wine” 2022 by Bibenda and Franco Maria Ricci’s Italian Sommelier Foundation (Fis), dedicated to the professionalism of Italian wine, “Awards to the women and men who, alongside production, have made the name of Italian wine great in the world” (and which join those dedicated to wines, already announced in June). And which will be awarded on December 3, in Rome, at the Rome Cavalieri Hotel, in the 2023 “Festa dei 5 Grappoli” (sold out), together with the presentation of the Bibenda 2023 guide.

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