Allegrini 2018

Stranger Things, in the second episode of the new season, the special cameo of Chianti

The Tuscan wine in a scene between Hopper, main actor of the TV series watched by millions of people, and the maitre d’hotel

“How is your Cianti?” “Our Chianti is quite good…” “Chianti!” “…medium-bodied with just a hint of cherry” “Great, who doesn’t love cherry?” “All right, we’ll have that and two glasses. One for me and one for the lady”. Chianti wine affirms its success in the world, symbol of excellence and tricolor quality , and it does not just anywhere : the crosstalk is between Hopper, the policeman main character of the TV series Stranger Things released on Netflix, among the most loved and followed series around the world, and the maitre of a luxury restaurant. Showing that, Overseas and worldwide, also who mispronounces the name, knows the wine, even the “common people” hear about it, and order it to impress and put on airs, “ and right here there is the power of the Chianti brand. A success- declares Giovanni Busi, president of the Chianti Wine Consortium- that is not an accidental result : our work was awarded, and this is how new markets open up” . Stranger Things, in its third season, is a great hit among Millennials, and with 40 million followers around the world, enterd the Hall of Fame of the TV series, one of the most-watched of all times.

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