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Symbol of Italy and relaunch of Made in Italy in the world: “Banfi Brunello Ambassador Club” is born

Members? Who has contributed to the growth of Brunello in the world with the largest producing company, and today is a testimonial of this growth

In the past, not too far away, the Italian wine territories have made it. From a deeply popular story, agricultural, simple because linked to a world that was so, they have become a celebrity, and their wines a symbol of a creative Italy that invents, that succeeds, even overcoming difficulties. Like those that the world of wine is experiencing at the moment, for the Covid emergency. A difficult moment in which, even in the territories of wine-icons such as Brunello di Montalcino, new ways of telling and spreading their image in the world are being rethought. How, and with the same spirit, of that past. 40 years have passed since the birth of Banfi, the winery that, in an unsuspicious and relatively short time, launched one of the greatest Italian wines, invented at the end of the nineteenth century by the Biondi Santi family, bringing it to 92 countries. The same countries in which, today, the largest producer of Brunello (and not only, with 2,850 hectares of land, from 850 vineyards to 105 planted with plums, from 45 with spelled and wheat to 40 with olive groves, from 9 of cherry trees to 10 of sulla, dedicated to the production of honey, up to 8 hectares dedicated to truffle-growing, for over 1. 070 hectares of fine agricultural crops, such as Grain Senatore Cappelli, for example, and still a lot of forest, which houses a water network of small rivers and lakes, all topped by a fourteenth-century castle, now Relais & Château luxury with a gourmet restaurant), calls to collect wine bars, restaurants, importers and partners, to make testimonials, storytellers and educators of the first “Banfi Brunello Ambassador Club”. A project that lays its foundations and looks to the future and cultural contamination, to grow and welcome new members, among those who, in those 40 years, have contributed to the growth of the Brunello di Montalcino brand in Italy and around the world.
“After more than 40 years of history and with more than 20 million bottles of Brunello di Montalcino sold all over the world - explains Rodolfo Maralli, president of the Banfi Foundation, to WineNews - it is time to launch a new initiative, destined to change the world of Brunello for the next 40 years: a Club, which confirms Banfi’s role in the history of one of the iconic products made in Italy and in the social and economic fabric of its territory, and which will welcome a small selection of partners whose pioneering contribution to the success of Brunello has been so significant that they have become true Ambassadors”.
A project that will start in Italy in 2021, but that will soon open its arms to welcome Ambassadors from all over the world: all people who, starting back in 1978, believed, with passion, enthusiasm and a pinch of courage, in this innovative, visionary and in some ways unrepeatable entrepreneurial project of the American (but of Italian origin) Mariani family. “Men, women and catering, administration and sales companies who, from the beginning, have believed in it - continues Maralli - and continue to do so”.
A story, defined as “the greatest project ever carried out in the production of quality wines in Italy”, and built step by step by the winery that has sold the most bottles of Brunello in the world, inside and outside the borders of Banfi. A project that, still today, looks beyond the production of one of the most important Italian wines, turning its interest to the territory that has contributed to making what it is today, and with which it continues to write the future. In the conviction that producing wine is not only an economic issue, but also a social and above all cultural one. The same conviction that makes us imagine a future in which, from the world of art to the world of fashion, from the world of literature to the world of music, together with the most important personalities of the Made in Italy entrepreneurship, new members can join the new Club. An open, inclusive and not exclusive Club, with which, thanks to wine, we can continue to “produce” and export our culture.

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