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The commercial by Caviro is the no. 1 of the “Wine Spectator Video Contest”

Maccio Capatonda’s irony (with the participation of Luca Gardini, Alex Pipero and Andrea Gori) on the language of wine conquers the Americans
The commercial by Caviro is the no. 1 of the “Wine Spectator Video Contest”

Many people in the history of Italian comedy have made fun of the technical language of sommeliers and wine tasters, which is at times almost incomprehensible, almost grotesque, to the ears of many casual consumers or not super enthusiasts. Antonio Albanese’s famous parody from a few years ago, to give just one example. But in recent months, there have also been those who have used this desecration of wine tasting as the basis for their commercials, namely Caviro, one of the most important companies on the Italian production scene, which, for its most famous brand, Tavernello, a few months ago it hired a master of modern Italian comedy, Maccio Capatonda, who involved personalities from the world of wine such as the 2010 world champion sommelier Luca Gardini, the restaurateur Alex Pipero, who runs the Michelin-starred restaurant Pipero Roma, and the wine writer Andrea Gori. And so the commercial “Sommelier. Don’t try this at home”, made together with Ciaopeople and Fanpage.it, starring Maccio Capatonda himself, struck by an acute form of “sommelier language” that leads him to judge, using scissor and sensory words, everything and situations around him, from the TV remote control to sex, from the alarm clock to his mother-in-law, from a hug to a swimming pool, until an inevitable crisis.
At the end of the video, Maccio, left by his partner because of this mania, sips a glass of wine and warns: “Next time you are asked for an opinion on wine, be careful: it’s good!” “Judge wine responsibly’ is the closing message”. Well, this short video has now crossed the ocean and won first place in the “Wine Spectator Video Contest”, the competition of the popular American magazine.
Following on from the theme of the 2020 edition, which, in times of lockdown all over the world, was “wine at home”, this year the theme of the competition was to encourage participants to explore their love of wine by telling their stories in a creative way. With the video produced by Caviro being the most voted for by the readers of the US magazine. “The aim of this video is to talk about wine in a simple way, without prejudice and too many complications”, explained Caviro’s brand manager Anna Casodi to “Wine Spectator”. “You don't need to be a wine critic or expert to enjoy a glass of wine, but you can simply enjoy the moment and promote wine consumption, without being influenced by appearances such as price, trends and labels, or by other people's opinions”. Among the other awards, Italy is also a protagonist in the wine of wine lover Emilio, who sang “Italian Rapsody” and was nominated “Best Original Rap”, while the award for “Most Dramatic Scenery” went to “The Cinque Terre: 5 Lands of Wine”, in which sommelier Yvonne Riccobaldi uses the power of images to describe the beauty of this land of heroic viticulture with its terraced vineyards overlooking the sea.

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