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The first 25 “vineyards” of Soave are in the Veneto Region’s Vineyard Register

For more than 200 years the strength of the territory has been the great diversity of its soil the 20-year procedure is complete
The vineyard landscape of Soave

The first 25 “vineyards” have made Soave officially part of the Veneto Region Vineyard Register. The Consolidated Law of Vines and Wine established the vineyards as a tool for development that included the word “vineyard” on the label intended for wines produced on micro areas of great historical value for the denomination, which are then vinified separately from the rest of the company’s production. Therefore, Soave now has its own vineyards, which are as follows: Albare, Calvarino, Campo Le Calle, Casette, Cavecchia, Cengelle, Cervare, Colbaraca, Colle Sant’Antonio, Contrada Salvarenza vecchie vigne, I Tarai, La Rocca, Le Caselle, Monte Bisson, Monte Ceriani, Motto Piane, Pressi, Roccolo, San Pietro, Val Grande, Vigna della Corte, Vigne della Brà, Vigne delle Fate, Vigne di Sande. They belong to the winemaking history of the territory, whose strength has lasted for more than 200 years because of its partitioning plan and its great variety of soils, altitudes and exposures.
The procedure has taken 20 years, starting from the initial zoning plan carried out in Soave and has finally been completed in 2019 with the introduction of the 33 Additional Geographical Units and subsequently also the “vineyards”. This is a revolution for the district as production of premium wines in the denomination will definitely be valued, and which the consumer then will be able to appreciate directly on the product label.
“The Consortium is closing a year of important work”, said Sandro Gini, president of the Consorzio del Soave”, “which has seen the team involved both on the subject of promotion, especially in Japan and in England, and on that of protection, in the environmental / landscape sense as well. We will be introducing these innovations around the world, next year, together with our international partners, as part of a project related to the heroic volcanic agriculture. We are definitely looking forward to 2020 with great enthusiasm and a new, beautiful story to tell”.

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