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The historic and prestigious Champagne Maison Pol Roger has 20% partnership in “Compagnia del Vino”

Saverio Notari is at the helm of the Italian distributor. Piero Antinori has been part of the company structure since its foundation in 1997

Italy and France are world competitors because of the immeasurable symbolic and cultural values, as well as economic, that both Countries give to wine. However, the Italian and French wine companies, much more realistically, are connected increasingly through coalitions, shared projects and investments. It is specifically in this context the news that Champagne Pol Roger is putting down roots in Italy, and partnering with a 20% share in Compagnia del Vino, which has distributed the Pol Roger brand in Italy since 2015. Compagnia del Vino is one of the leading Italian wine distribution companies (over 9 million euros in 2021, up +47% compared to 2020, generated by a production of 733.000 bottles, +47% of prestigious brands all over the world, as well as stories of reference families, such as Baron Bornemisza, Famille Hugel, Jean Pierre Marniquet, Mount Nelson and Ram's Hill and Tenuta di Biserno, just to name a few). Saverio Notari is at the helm of the Company (and Marquis Piero Antinori, who approved the project in 1997, has been a partner since Giancarlo Notari founded it). The agreement between the historic and prestigious Champagne maison, the most loved by Winston Churchill, and the official supplier to the British Crown (170 years of history and 6 generations), and Compagnia del Vino, was signed on January 27, 2022.
The negotiation had begun back in 2019. And, the aim was to consolidate the presence of the Maison on a market recognized as one of the most difficult and demanding in the world.

“We were not interested in buying”, Laurent d'Harcourt, president of Pol Roger stated, “a distribution company in Italy. Our aim, instead, has always been to rely on professionals who know how to transfer and protect the Pol Roger distribution model in their own country. Our presence is never aggressive, redundant or excessive, and Compagnia del Vino has proven to be worthy of our total trust. Pol Roger considers all of the countries in which we have corporate shareholdings (England, the United States, Japan and Singapore) as strategic markets, and Italy, more than others, has shown that it knows how to narrate our story”. Pol Roger, explained a note, has joined the Company and will contribute to a capital increase, which will allow Compagnia del Vino to further strengthen its position in the panorama of National distribution. “This new corporate structure is proof”, Saverio Notari, CEO and principal shareholder of the Compagnia del Vino, said, “that we have made the right choices. Having won the trust of an exclusive partner like Pol Roger is an exceptional professional recognition for us, and it gives us pride in the Italian market that has shown it is capable of making a difference. Further, we are confident that our customers’ high profile and our sales network played a influential role in Pol Roger's final decision”. The Pol Roger Champagne Maison’s investment is important on the Italian market, which has been one of the top five Champagne markets in the world for many years.

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