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The Italo-Trinity Museum of Rocca delle Macìe is the first wine & cinema museum in Chianti Classico

The Zingarelli family celebrates the great film and wine producer, Italo Zingarelli 50 years after the release of “They called me Trinity...”

Never before seen memorabilia of the sets and still photos, and much more of one of the most viewed Italian films ever, icon of the “Spaghetti Western”, for the delight of the fans all over the world. Fans will now be able to come and admire them directly in the “Home” of their famous creator, a winery in one of the most prestigious Italian wine territories, created thanks to the enormous cinematic success. The “Italo-Trinity Museum” is dedicated to the film producer and vigneron, Italo Zingarelli, who in 1970 created an extraordinary “blend”, the most beloved couple of actors in recent Italian cinema, Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, as well as Rocca delle Macìe, one of the most famous brands of Chianti Classico wine. The special occasion is “Trinity 50” (July 15-17), the 50th anniversary celebrations of the first release in theaters of “Lo Chiamavano Trinità ...”, which was one of the biggest successes in Italian cinema ever written and directed by EB Clucher. The film will be previewed in the original restored edition, in the village surrounded by the famous Black Rooster vineyards. Furthermore, from its best Crus, a Limited Edition Collectors of Chianti Classico Gran Selezione in 1970 Magnum has been created, “dressed” with the image of the film and dedicated to their father Italo, by his children, Fabio, Sandra and Sergio.
The first “Cinematic Winery” in Italy, thanks to the “Galleria Trinità” organized under the art direction of Officina Grafica Firenze, is a new “wine destination” in the famous terroir and a new collector's label, dedicated to wine and cinema enthusiasts. It will be open to the public starting from July 16th , stated the family that has always produced the two Italian arts. The art of film with “Lo Chiamavano Trinità ...”, the progenitor of a saga that created a cinematic phenomenon, uplifting an entire generation of Baby Boomers, and which still today has an incredible generational and International following of aficionados in all the four corners of the world. The art of wine, thanks to one of the most famous and innovative producers in the history of Italian cinema and wine with Rocca delle Macìe, which today is also a model of hospitality, in its relais in Chianti Classico and the “Osteria Passo after Passo” restaurant led by starred Chef Maurizio Bardotti.
The pairing of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill, “which marked the history of Italian cinema and was due to the foresight of our father Italo”, said Sandra Zingarelli, “who was always closer to the cinematographic branch of the family – and was able to read in those scripts the desire of the Italians that were experiencing the first important economic and social difficulties, to re-emerge and start again, strong, but with a light heart”. “We had decided to honor him with an event in our Tenuta di Castellina in Chianti, scheduled for 2020, then blocked by the Pandemic, which would draw a profile and a story revised in a new way, 50 years later”, adds Sergio Zingarelli, president of Rocca delle Macìe, “now, we can finally do it with a newfound desire for serenity and conviviality”.
The celebrations will continue with the preview screening of the original film, restored in collaboration with the Cineteca di Bologna, as the Zingarelli family wanted to ensure the continuity and usability of the film to the generations of children and grandchildren of those who had the fortune and the pleasure of living the first “epic”. And, therefore, transmitting an extremely current message on the importance of using Bud’s “good strength” - combined with Terence’s “shrewdness” - to defeat adversity. The film spanned half a century in 2020, while in 2021 its sequel, “Continuvano a Chiamarlo Trinità”, which reaped an even bigger success, is still the fourth Italian film most viewed ever, turns 50. His children, Fabio, Sandra and Sergio are dedicating to their father, Italo, a Chianti Classico Gran Selezione “dressed” with “Lo Chiamavano Trinità ...”. It is a limited edition at the top of the company’s production, representing the fulfillment of a story that began 50 years ago when Italo, Roman by birth, fell madly in love with the hills of Castellina in Chianti.

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