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The new 10 million euro winery to celebrate Monte Rossa’s 50 years

The Franciacorta brand celebrates its founders with new “cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and eco-sustainable” headquarters

The Monte Rossa Winery is one of the leading and highest quality brands in Franciacorta, and it has recently celebrated its first 50 years. They have celebrated this milestone with a new winery, the result of a significant investment, 10 million euros and 2 years of work. The total dimension of the winery is 8.000 square meters spread over three levels and connected by a central staircase, where all of the Monte Rossa winery’s activities are located. The production activities are all concentrated on the lower level, while the administrative and operational offices are located on the central level and the hospitality area and shops are located on the upper level.
“It is not a point of arrival, but rather a starting point”, Emanuele Rabotti said. He is second generation at the helm of the Franciacorta brand, ready to welcome the third generation, but not ever forgetting the first, that of its founders, Paola Rovetta and Paolo Rabotti, Emanuele Rabotti's parents, commemorated by two monuments dedicated to them. The homage to Paola Rabotti is the original steel tank in which she vinified the first bottles of Franciacorta. The barrel is positioned in the middle of a vineyard that traces the history of training systems, from the original pergola system to the spurred cordon used today. In front of the entrance to the winery, instead, there is a statue signed by the painter and sculptor, Armando Riva, that pays tribute to Paolo Rabotti, the first president of the Franciacorta Consortium.
Maximum care has been taken in the new structure for the selection of materials attention paid to details, starting with the light factor. The offices have large windows to exploit the air-lighting relationship and face the North side of the building, in order to enjoy the maximum amount of time of natural daylight. Sunlight is also the main player in this project from another point of view as well. The newest generation of solar panels have been arranged on the roofing of the two visible buildings. “It is a cutting-edge, environmentally friendly and sustainable, underground winery, entirely conceived and designed to produce Franciacorta that dialogues with the surrounding area”, which is how Emanuele Rabotti described the new winery, designed by MP Engineering studio, led by Pierangelo Scaroni and the architect Luigi Serboli, located a few kilometers from the historic Bornato winery, which will continue to guard the Cabochon dungeons and host the wine lovers that visit them each year.

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