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“The Pfv Prize”: Primum Familiae Vini launches the prize dedicated to family companies

The jurors, including Alessia Antinori and Priscilla Incisa della Rocchetta, will award €100,000 for excellence in sustainability and innovation
The jury of 12 members, one for each great wine family

Excellence in sustainability, innovation, craftsmanship and the successful transmission of responsibility and commitment from one generation to the next: these are the winning characteristics in the business world, starting with wine, according to Primum Familiae Vini, the association founded in 1991 by Robert Drouhin (Maison Joseph Drouhin) and Miguel Torres (Torres) to bring the world’s wine dynasties together under one roof, and which brings together 12 great wine family realities, including the Marchesi Antinori and Tenuta San Guido, which launches “The Pfv Prize”. A €100,000 prize, to be awarded to a family-run company, operating in any business area, and demonstrating its excellence in the key areas according to the association. The candidates will be judged by a jury of 12 members, one for each great wine family: Priscilla Incisa Della Rochetta for Tenuta San Guido, Alessia Antinori for Marchesi Antinori, Egon Müller for the German Egon Müller Scharzhof, Prince Robert of Luxembourg for the French Domaine Clarence Dillon, Marc Perrin representing Famille Perrin, from France, and Paul Symington for the Portuguese Symington Family Estates, Frédéric Drouhin from the Maison Joseph Drouhin, France, Miguel Torres Maczassek for the Spanish Familia Torres, Jean Frédéric Hugel for the French Famille Hugel, Pablo Alvarez on behalf of the Spanish Vega Sicilia, Philippe Sereys de Rothschild representing the French Baron Philippe de Rothschild, and Hubert de Billy of Champagne Pol Roger, France.
12 European wine families, who together represent the strength of the deep family and artisan roots of a company that has focused on the quality of its wines to achieve excellence in this sector, and have therefore decided to encourage other family businesses to continue their individual and independent growth, to show that a family business can be a powerful tool to respond to today’s environmental and social challenges. “We, the Pfv families, believe that family companies - comments Alessia Antinori, member of Primum Familiae Vini - are the foundation of national and international economies. The best family businesses always demonstrate a deep commitment to sustainable development and the environment. Family businesses should always interpret the best values of social responsibility as well as the more human face of free enterprise, especially at a time when globalization and rather depressing uniformity have become increasingly prevalent. The announcement of this award at a time of international difficulties following Codiv-19 is intended to emphasize the ability to think long term typical of family businesses and our intrinsic optimism for the future, as long as it is aimed at defending the right values”.

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