Allegrini 2018

The spectacular tightrope walk over the vineyards and the L’Acino di Ceretto winery in Langhe

In a magical and dreamlike atmosphere, Barolo wine launched its message on the need to rediscover the balance between man and nature

At first, we had asked ourselves what do wine and tightrope walking have in common? Then we saw it with our own eyes: a thrilling show. The tightrope walker, Andrea Loreni, was suspended 15 meters in the air to walk the 110 meters over the vineyards and the futuristic L’ Acino winery on the Ceretto family’s Monsordo Bernardina Estate in the heart of Langhe, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was an incredible sight and perhaps something that had never before been seen in the wine world, always full of surprises. It is the way, though, that the historic and famous Barolo and Barbaresco brand, with a touch of magic while immersing the viewer in a dreamlike atmosphere, launched its message on the need to find the right “balance” between man and nature.
The strong and luxuriant nature that due to the pandemic, “has taken back its spaces, letting us be silent spectators of its show that has overwhelmed our territory”, explained Roberta Ceretto, at the helm of the family business together with her brother Federico and cousins, ​​Alessandro and Lisa, thus concluding the series of talks, “La via selvatica”, including famous personalities in the cultural and nature worlds.
Ceretto is one of the most famous names in Italian wine as well as one of the largest vineyard owners in Piedmont, boasting 170 hectares between Langhe, Roero and others, dotted with beautiful Estates and wineries famous all over the world. Since the 1960s with Bruno and Marcello Ceretto, Ceretto has been a pioneer in Italy, entrusting the representation and interpretation of the deepest meanings and the beauty of producing wine and its territory to contemporary art, commissioning the top most artists on the international scene and the highest expressive forms. They have made Langhe a territory rich in works of art and permanent installations (for instance, the Barolo Chapel by Sol Lewitt and David Tremlett in the Brunate Vineyard in La Morra), capable of becoming its image on an international level. They have promoted shows, exhibitions and performances of personalities such as Patti Smith and Marina Abramović, capable of attracting not only visitors to the territory, but also the whole world’s attention.

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